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So, I saw Breaking Dawn last Friday. To be fair, the tickets were free and well, a night of bashing Twilight can be fun! I had fun, really! I haven't watched New Moon and Eclipse and the last half of the first movie, but I've read them all, so I could still follow.

(I like to think of this as knowing your enemy, I'm pretty sure Sun Tzu would approve. It's not like I actually enjoyed Twilight, pfft enjoyed what does that even mean /goes back to reading cast interviews)

What can I say? You guys know what I think about Twilight. Sappy, angsty teenage drama, the works.

Basically, the highlights were (no worries, no spoilers!):
1. The audience reaction to Taylor Lautner's first appearance. Wow, I knew he was popular, but really? Really reallyyy?
2. I've always liked Kristen Stewart as a person (only Bella I couldn't stand) because I think she's cool and Panic Room was a cool movie shut up. I think she's real pretty here too.
3. Bit of a letdown on the vampires. My vampires look like Tom Cruise in his former glory as Lestat.

(ALSO American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque is a must: Stephen King also wrote five issues of it)
5. The title should've been Breaking Bones. Scary shit.

PS: I broke my keyboard agaaaaain :/
PPS: I've got my NBI Clearance! And it only took 3 hours!
PPPS: I'm sad that I can talk about Twilight and everybody gets it but I don't have anybody to talk to about Doctor Who and its amazingness. Sometimes I turn around and I have this really awesome Doctor reference or David "Ten-inch" joke but then I stop because nobody would get it :(
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So what if Harry Potter was an anime? Jeff posted this at FB.

LOOOOOOL Cut for a tremendous amount of fangirling, weirdly incoherent comments, expletives and how I've always seen them in my mind )

HP is such a huge part of my life, it's crazy. I remember when I used to pray every night for a Hogwarts letter. By the age of 9, I was having internal religious schism because I wanted to be a witch but then any kind of witchcraft was against the First Commandment. Like I said, crazy.
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I'M SQUEEING LIKE A FANGIRL and it's not decent buuuut. They are so damn HOT. My youngest brother showed me their Smooth Criminal video last month but for some reason I totally forgot about them until now.

Luka's the boy-next-door and Stjepan's the rugged cowboy. They're CROATIANS! Such beautiful, fine people in Croatia, it's my new must-travel spot. I call them Dean and Sam Winchester. Look at them! Right? Right?

SUCH SKILLED FINGERS. Such skilled, dexterous fingers. I am in awe. Luca seems like such a sweet shy boy, all restraint and awkwardness, while Stjepan, with his poor shredded bow, is oozing sensuality like it's second nature what. I'm in love with their intensity! ---AND THE LOOKS THEY EXCHANGE-- they've turned me into an incoherent pool of acid fangirlishness within seconds

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A piece of the thingmonstrosity I'm writing:

The question surprised Goyo, but not as much as seeing Juan’s face when he looked directly at him, the thin arms how can he even carry the guns never leaving the horse’s neck. Why he ever thought of Juan as just another over-eager boy risking his life for an idealized view of heroism, he couldn’t remember, when the boy’s eyes, eyes the color of maya birds Goyo kept as pets during childhood, spoke of an understanding far beyond him.

He caught his breath. “You’re one to talk. You couldn’t be more than 16 years old.”

“16!” Juan laughed, hugging Libertad tighter. The horse stepped back a little. “I look younger than I really am. It’s in the blood,” he peeked out mysteriously. “But seriously, though?

... A WHILE.

OMG I can't write anything without Twilight references DDDDDD: What have you done to meeeee

Drawn hastily and stupidly with Paint <3 Shouldn't have saved it as jpeg, I knowww

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Just got back from watching HP7 with my bro!

Hm, I can't stress how big a part of my life HP is. I divide my life by the book releases. Even though I was originally the only one who read HP in the family, the movies were a family affair, a tradition. It was the only movie that we always saw all together. Heck, they were the only movies I made an effort to watch at the cinemas before. That was when the movies were shown during November. Since it was shown in July we couldn't watch as a whole. I think that was HP5? It was the only thing I ever attempted serious fanfiction on, excepting Hetalia now. And do you know I named my diary Harry? Yes, that's how much I was a HP and Anne Frank fan.

It makes me sad that it's ending. It's Childhood's End quoting Arthur C. Clarke and :icondigging-4-more:. I doubt I could ever treat another fandom like HP. Cheesy as it may, HP was my first and greatest love.

So... here's just mah two cents with the HP7 film.

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Meme from [ profile] austere_flare .

Reply with "STUFFED CRUST!" and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

douglas, zwingli, keynes, depp. don't believe this cut. )
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Got a new sketchbook last Friday. It's bigger than the one I've been using this past month. Anyway here's my first sketch!

Arrr, I feel bad for just posting sketches... Haven't had the time to CG anything ;n;

hetalia? juan and a dog )
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Manga Update List!

My Barbaric Girlfriend - Chapter 54! Oh no, Nanako/Akira moment, grrr. DNW! Akira should be with Senbongi! Whatever happens! Aaaah, I shall boycott if Nanako/Akira happens (although I think it's the main goal to make them happen D<)

BTW, Nanako's the guy. They kinda switched bodies.

Image Hosted by

manga: Kuroshitsuji; Eyeshield 21; Junjou Karen na Oretachi da!; Pandora Hearts; Vassalord; Crimson Hero; +C; Saint Young Men; Ludwig Kakumei )


At Market! Market! this morning, my brother and I were fapping over random anime at Comic Alley when Ate Cashier started suggesting things:

Ate: Ay, ito, napanood niyo na yung Baka to Test? Bago lang yan, maganda rin, kahit ECCHI~

Bro: O_o HUWOOOW Ecchi daw, ecchi!

Ate: O kaya, yung Monochrome Factor, maganda yun, medyo YAOI~

Me: @_@ You got me at yaoi, ateh~ *wink* (No, actually, tawa lang ako ng tawa.)

Shit, ang cool ni Ate. Napabili tuloy kami pareho.
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Watched the first episode of BBC's Sherlock, and hotdamn WAS IT AWESOME! AND GAY! I'm still spazzing now so I'm incoherent.

My favorite character has to be Mrs. Hudson. Such a sweet woman, I love how she says "Sherlock!" in an exasperated voice. And *shock* she's a gay shipper!

spoiler*gay*dialogue )

Benedict Cumberbatch (left) was a lovely Sherlock. Absolutely love his expressions, even though he talks too fast at times. The British accent doesn't help much, either XD Martin Freeman's Watson is darker than usual, yeah. I liked how they explored his being a war doctor and the repercussions it has on his current life; I think it's more realistic that way.

Aside from Lestrade, I was pleasantly surprised to see another of my favorite characters. I won't tell who it is, but I honestly thought it was Moriarty.

Another thing, at the end, when they were throwing around the word idiot a lot, I can't help but remember Arthur and Merlin from Merlin. Whew, BBC and their gay shows.

I've always been a fan of retellings - fairytales, historical occurrences, even Wicked. This updated Sherlock series would be another on my list. Definitely worth the five hour torrent wait!
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This is for [ profile] meicdon13, assuming that she doesn't know it yet, huge Batman fan that she is. >D

XDDD I want a dog that screams 'Bara!' or something.

EDIT: Some dude superimposed it on the 19-somethings cartoon opening! WTF laughtrip. It's somewhere there scrolling underneath.

Aaaah, I post too much on weekends. No life, no life yeah.

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