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Tomorrow starts my last semester as an undergraduate, and I am a wee bit queasy. Mostly because my first subject is something I should have taken back when I was in second year. And now I'm forced to take it with sophomores. I don't know anybody but what the hell, let's get it over with.

I just really hope there wouldn't be introductions anymore. God, I really hate that part.

OH And I'm really excited about PI 100 (Rizal) too, since it's his 150th birthday anniversary on the 19th and surely, this is a good time to study Rizal. I hope they make us go to conferences and stuff, but even if they didn't, I'd go on my own anyway.

I'm starting Bio 102 (Vertebrate Anatomy) too, and even if it tried my patience and perseverance during enrollment, I'm looking forward to it. I know I have to give time for studying it, if I want a good grade, something higher than 2, and I'm hopeful. I don't want a repeat of Chem 31.

Also, I'm Doccom this year in AME. I'm really unfamiliar with what they do there but I'm willing to learn. Aaaand I'm pretty excited about Kami to Ki. It's been a long time since I worked in a newspaper/magazine (lol high school) and... ah... let's just say I wanna draw comics again.


Fandom stuff, I've caught up to Kuroshit, Pandora Hearts, Detective Conan, B&R. I tried reading Angel Sanctuary and I never thought I'd say this about Kaori Yuki but... it doesn't amaze me. It's confusing and that incest angle is distracting. I mean, is it totally necessary for the story or is it just a fetish, 'cause... it's not cool. I think she said somewhere that she's curious about it because she doesn't have a brother, but I'm telling you, it's not cool. NOT COOL. I have two brothers and just the thought of that makes me wanna hurl ok. It's not just socially deviant, it's biologically harmful too. I guess this here is one of my limitations.

I have Death Note too, but I haven't started reading it, I saw it years ago. Finished 20th Century Boys AND THAT WAS MY MOST SATISFYING READ IN A LONG TIME. Damn. Urasawa-sensei, whew, I adore his clean art, clean panels, and the way everything connects neatly, even after several layers, in the end. The last time I felt this for a manga was with his Monster run. He might just be my most favorite mangaka ever. When I have money I'll collect him.

Enrollment lines made me start on Oliver Twist and I'm near the end now and I might actually start collecting Dickens too. THIS is the kind of writing I love: satirical, long-winding sentences that go for whole paragraphs and loses you somewhere in the way, making you backtrack to read it over again. Victorian era fiction, mmm, delicious.

Lastly, I have finished the four seasons of The Tudors and I love the way they speak their English. Three seasons into Criminal Minds and shoot, that was a cliffhanger. I need more. But because the semester's starting, I may not have time at all.

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So, the past two days I marathoned the first season of The Tudors.

SERIOUSLY. I mean, SERIOUSLY, it was awesome. I can't wait to get the next seasons on DVD.

If there's one era in English history that I'm really fond of, it's the Tudor Age. Just. Henry VIII and his six wives? Breaking with Rome? Catalina de Aragon? Edward VI? Bloody Mary? Elizabeth and Robin Dudley? Everything is teeming with romance and intrigue, I love it to bits.

Actually it's the only era I know about. After James I became King of England and Scotland, I don't know what happened anymore.

Sure, the show was very loosely based IRL (i.e. Fitzroy died too early), but I say, I learned a great many things too! Wolsey, for example. I've overlooked him all these years and he seems to be a very important part of Henry's early reign. And then Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk! I didn't even know about him. But apparently he married Mary Tudor, the king's sister (not Margaret).

I've gone into one of my mini-obsessive episodes again and as usual, I've locked myself in the school library. It's a wonder how many books on England/Britain/UK they have there, more than twice the books they have about Spain, which is weird, because the British didn't occupy us for 300 years.

I think it can all be traced to two little books in my childhood. One was A Little Princess. I distinctly remember Sara saying something about Henry and his six wives. And the other one is The Prince and the Pauper, a most enchanting novel, brilliant, and my favorite among Twain's.

It's 2.31 am now. Hafta go. ENGLAND PREVAILS!

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