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 So the things I have so far done in bullets:
  • Finished The Casual Vacancy! Somebody talk to me, that wasn’t a happy book…
  • Finished Suits S2 in a weekend ahahahaaa. It was FANTASTIC!! The last episode did have some weird where-the-hell-did-this-come-from moments but overall it was pretty damn enjoyable.
  • HOW AWESOME ARE THE FIRST TWO EPISODES OF THE WALKING DEAD?? I really really hope they sustain this much gore and energy and badassery! (I was all but ready to give up after S2 but this restored my faith thank zombies.) ALSO MICHONNE!!!
  • I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT DOWNTON ABBEY OK, JFC I NEVER CRIED THAT MUCH ON A SINGLE EPISODE KFJALFKJASD;FLK. All I want is to stand on a cliff, hold up a fist and scream JULIAN FELLOWES!!!! as the night wind screams back at me.
  • Still wondering whether to read 2001 A Space Odyssey or watch the movie first.
  • I have tickets for the Ruroken showing!!!!!
  • Also, very excited for TRESE 5!!
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Stealing a few moments from my boring Bio review to say that

And I think I'm in love with Maggie Smith. As if I wasn't in love with her before.

Also, I didn't know [ profile] damagectrl was writing for Heta_Ph again. And that [ profile] peculuiarities did so too.

Awesome. Time to go back, maybe?


I have a tumblr account, by the way!
It's juliebeefjerky. Where you'll find nothing but batboys, I'm sorry.

Two hours left and one chapter to go!

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