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Man, I can't wait to see the Elementary pilot already. They've been saying it's pretty good and LUCY LIU OMG
Also, the reviews I've read are mostly positive, especially on JLM's rude, but (possibly?) more humane Holmes. I mean, it's the only part I'm iffy on Ben's Holmes; he can be downright cruel and unemotional and sociopathic. I've been reading Adventures again and canon!Holmes is pretty civil most of the time, he even pats clients' arms to console them; the only time he was cruel was when whipping that bastard in A Case of Identity. (To be fair, he deserved it.)
Well, but since I'm not really an expert, I'll just enjoy all the precious Holmeses, thinking too much is making my head hurt.
I also have to remember to see Ben's Parade's End and the new Doctor Who episode!!! Aaaahh I missed Matt and Karen and Arthur. (I still laugh whenever I see the new companion, Jenna Louise Coleman - I can still see her as the chambermaid at Titanic ahaha).
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So, I saw Breaking Dawn last Friday. To be fair, the tickets were free and well, a night of bashing Twilight can be fun! I had fun, really! I haven't watched New Moon and Eclipse and the last half of the first movie, but I've read them all, so I could still follow.

(I like to think of this as knowing your enemy, I'm pretty sure Sun Tzu would approve. It's not like I actually enjoyed Twilight, pfft enjoyed what does that even mean /goes back to reading cast interviews)

What can I say? You guys know what I think about Twilight. Sappy, angsty teenage drama, the works.

Basically, the highlights were (no worries, no spoilers!):
1. The audience reaction to Taylor Lautner's first appearance. Wow, I knew he was popular, but really? Really reallyyy?
2. I've always liked Kristen Stewart as a person (only Bella I couldn't stand) because I think she's cool and Panic Room was a cool movie shut up. I think she's real pretty here too.
3. Bit of a letdown on the vampires. My vampires look like Tom Cruise in his former glory as Lestat.

(ALSO American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque is a must: Stephen King also wrote five issues of it)
5. The title should've been Breaking Bones. Scary shit.

PS: I broke my keyboard agaaaaain :/
PPS: I've got my NBI Clearance! And it only took 3 hours!
PPPS: I'm sad that I can talk about Twilight and everybody gets it but I don't have anybody to talk to about Doctor Who and its amazingness. Sometimes I turn around and I have this really awesome Doctor reference or David "Ten-inch" joke but then I stop because nobody would get it :(

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