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Copy-pasted from my tumblr, just putting it out there~
Since there’s like sherlock retellings everywhere nowadays, why not something with sherlock and john as up students lol

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Hey, guys! Been a while, eh? Also, hi to [personal profile] ditz and [personal profile] itsamellama there!

I'm thinking of making my DW a kind of writing/artwhatever journal or something. I'm trying out this writing challenge thing, because of reasons (BOREDOM) and yeah. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Anyway, just dropping by!

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Aaaah, so long out of the Internet and what awaits me? Enlistment frustration.

Bio 102 makes me wait until the last minute and then chooses a schedule where I already have 2 subjects enlisted and no alternative scheds. I LEFT WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY FREE FOR YOU AND YOU CHOOSE TTH DAMMIT. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Another round of bureaucratic boxing against the Bio staff. God help me.


Anger aside, summer's been pleasant. I feel like I've accomplished a lot, actually. My brothers complain how there's too much time during the holidays and that they have so little to do, but then I complain how there's so little time and so much to do, to finish, to experience.

I want to do lots of stuff. There's so much in this world that's left unexplored, unappreciated. I want to see them, to smell, to taste, to feel them on my skin, to tap into this and that well of knowledge, to figure things out, to be surprised, to laugh in realization. There's a whole world out there to conquer, and I must find the means to do so.

Did you know that Leo da Vinci only slept for 15 minutes every four hours? That's roughly 1.5 hours everyday. And that's 22.5 hours left to pursue his interests - painting, architecture, inventions and the like - each day. Aaaand I'm actually starting to think of trying that too :D

I never could stay angry or sad for too long. Something always, always makes me smile. There's just so much good, so much beauty in this world that I can't help but be happy.

I'm shallow like that.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: The reason I'm not on the Internet much

1. I'm real lazy and I'd much rather finish my Criminal Minds DVDs (I'm on Season 3 already, bitches!)
2. My bros are hogging it.
3. I'm sleeping. When I'm at home, my body clock reverts to the limits of acceptable bedtimes. I'm already conked out by 12 midnight, I can't believe it.

I'll update fandom stuff later.
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There's this quote I read somewhere and goes something like this:

"Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, and eat dinner like a college kid with a maxed-out credit card."

But what if you ARE a college kid with a maxed-out credit card? I mean, I am. Almost always.

So, I put together this little list on how to survive when... you have a credit card limit.
  • Don't eat breakfast. Or wake up too late to have breakfast. You'll be so distracted you won't even have time to think about your stomach.
  • Eat noodles for lunch. The friendly pancit canton costs less than 20 php, yo.
  • Or don't eat lunch.
  • Bring your own water. Or utilize free drinking spots.
  • Eat the cheapest dinner you can find. SUGGESTION: Buy rice, then ask for free soup. Instant ulam.
  • Be familiar with restaus in your area. You should know which one sells the cheapest rice, cheapest porkchop, etc. Remember, you don't have to buy everything in one place.
  • DO NOT buy large amounts of bread. Unless you're a bread monster. They get molds easily. Buy only what you can finish.
  • If you're going home for the weekend, raid your mother's kitchen for canned goods, leftover stuff etc. Oh, the leftovers only work if you have a fridge.
  • It's cool if you can get your mom/dad/yaya/househelp cook you food to bring. THEY WILL SAVE YOU.
  • Eat a BIG lunch every other day. Because you're gonna collapse otherwise.
  • Treat yourself to a Milky Way bar or a Moonleaf Bubble Tea (Hakka is very much recommended) for good behavior (i.e. you haven't eaten two days in a row, you've only been drinking cereal drinks etc.)
  • Oh, but if you have money to spend, by all means do so. What're you gonna do with it anyway, buy the Beatles' estate?
There you are, a bit of knowledge I've gained from 4 years of not eating. Doubtless, you're gonna suffer blindness, insanity and a painful and early death (not necessarily in that order), but hey, that's the Way of the Force.

: I am not in any way to be held responsible for any gastrointestinal problems that might arise if you take me too seriously.
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This is gonna be one hueg lameass reminiscing about my love affair with Filipino komiks and how much I miss them.

Perhaps it was because I've been reading too many DC superhero comics, that I suddenly remembered when I read Pinoy komiks. Not the graphic novel Trese type, but the P10.00 colored Funny Komiks Ka Selo sells along with the newspapers. It was a tradition - my bros and I would always, always buy them after mass. We even had a rotating strategy on who'll read it first; this Sunday - me, the next - Ram, then - Dave. That was way before I read HP, way way before I started to appreciate Spiderman, and way way way before I got started on manga.

Hikaru... Kunin mo ang aking warrior sword, pfft.

Dear Lord, now that I remember, Ax: Defenders of the Universe may have been my very first fandom, and not HP. Shitshitshit napaka-weaboo ng komiks na yun kasi Hikaru yung pangalan ng bida, aaaaah. I treasured my Christmas special of this, man! Kaze/Belle was my OTP! Bumabalik ang lahat ng memories at napipilitan akong mag-code switch!

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IT'S THE DAY OF HEARTS TOMORROW YAY These were drawn in 160 class again~

Basically a true story. Wow, I'm realizing my childhood self was one cold-hearted bitch. ANYWAY.

Friday night I watched Young Justice and was late for the 160 quiz next morning. [personal profile] meicdon13, I'm blaming you.

the rest of mah doodlings (1/2 time warp meme etc.) )

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It's kinda weird when you find out your childhood friends are getting pregnant or getting married or both. But the conversation I had with my Mama was weirder.

Mama: So, you know, your Ate She's getting married this Saturday.
Me: Mmm, yeah.
Mama: And Marilyn's in her 8th month now, she'll be delivering soon.
Me: Mhmm, I know, Ma.
Mama: (shrugs) I just saying! Baka nahuhuli ka lang!
Me: o_o You got married at 32, Ma. 32.

why this is really freaking scary when it comes from my mother )

Ma'am Chei asked who among us have accepted the possibility that they would probably spend the rest of their lives alone. I raised my hand, along with many of my classmates, and conspicuously, a guy in a relationship. As my classmates were teasing his girlfriend, Ma'am Chei felt the need for an intervention.

"He doesn't need to be with you, but he wants to, and chooses to

That's how I want my life to be.
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That thing about the 13th zodiac sign is sooo GetBackers. I vaguely remember something about Midou Ban being an Ophiuchus.

Ban-chan ♥♥ I think I remember being into this and the gay too.
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Slowly going through the backlogs... This is what a week without Internet does to you *grumble*

Now before I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODYYYY! Let's make this a better year, eh?

BAGUIO WAS FREAKIN' COLD. The water was ice, I tell ya. And my feet felt as though they're gonna fall off. But it was a fun trip nonetheless! Three days weren't enough to explore the whole city, but we made the most of it.

Let me go Dora and tell you my most favorite part of the trip: the marketplace and its humongous produce! The orange kamote! The twin strawberries which were freaky and which I think were genetically tampered! The broccoli which was like a small wedding bouquet! The eggplants that are as thick as a burly man's... arm and costs 150php per kilo! Why is it that everything seems so big in Baguio?

I shall post pictures of our escapades as soon as I take my bro's hands off the camera.

Yesterday I just let jet lag take over me and slept. Oh, glorious sleep. I woke up in time to enjoy the end of 2010 though~

It's back to school in two days. Aw.
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New layout, just because. And it's so full of Germany, idk. Just in time for...

YAAAAAY I'll be there, maybe around 4 pm after classes. Lol @ the cosplay compet for a scholarship in Germany :D WHO KNEW THE BRUDER GRIMM WERE GERMAN? Maybe I should go as Aschenputtel? Or Schneewittchen? Wadya think, guys? Rumpelstiltskin?

More info: Goethe-Institut

Whee. Other news, my PE has me sweating buckets and sleeping in class. T_T

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