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So here's my desk! I rarely use it though, 'cause I'm only home for the weekends and most of my stuff I do at the kitchen table.
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I bombed my last 160 exam. I had Chem lec exams that same day, and I know that shouldn't be an excuse because I had one whole week to review for it and all I did was glance at my notes 30 minutes before the exam.

The irony is, I don't think I did a good job on Chem either. FML.

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Sometimes, I'm surprised with the amount of free time I have. Even with Mon-Sat 7am-4pm schedules, I seem to have enough time for... things other than schoolwork. Of course, that just means I procrastinate schoolwork tremendously.

And sometimes I get the feeling that the universe is actually working for me; that even when I'm neck-deep in pressure, I still wade through alive; that even when I manage to screw things up, something happens to reverse it.

Maybe I'm just a lucky boss monster. Or maybe I'm just overestimating the good things that happen to me.

(But if karma is anything to believe in, should I be scared of what happens in the future?)


DAY 2: Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.

The only piercings I have are on the ears, which weren't a conscious choice but my lola and parents' decision. I had them as far back as I remember.

My first earrings were an heirloom passed on to girls of my mother's side of the family. I never took them off, even when taking a bath or sleeping (maybe bc I didn't know how to work the lock). I passed them on to my younger cousin when I turned fifteen.

Mama got me white-gold earrings afterwards, but it only took a year before I lost one (maybe bc I finally knew how to work the lock). Nowadays I don't think I have anything real, and I very rarely wear whatever earrings (and other jewelry) I have. I used to feel incomplete without ring earrings, but people... move on :D

Just borrow Mama's if I need to.
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So... the yearbook write-ups. I didn't know until this morning that photos were allowed, but thanks to [ profile] austere_flare's timely email, I managed to whip this up! It's kinda crappy cos I rushed it and my brain wasn't functioning right... Lame joke arggggh

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I cut off the cheesy description part. Oh yeah, I must say I was inspired by Manix Abrera's News Hardcore and the webcomic Hark, A Vagrant.
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Pamagat: Happy Birthday, SiSi; BTTxHangover
Tauhan: teen!Canada; Italia, Prussia, Espana, Romano, Francia
Babala: Triple Cs, crack, crazy, crap scanning :|
Marka: PG-13 bc of Prussia's netherlands 8D

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Here's to hoping for a successful fair and a DAMNED GOOD time for everybody~ Cheers!


Well, well, I'm almost through with enrollment, and my schedule is gross. Desperate times and desperate measures, if I expect to graduate next semester.

Monday to Saturday, all up to 4 pm, except Monday - 5 pm. TTh starts 7 am.

Goodbye, life. Goodbye, going home every Friday. Goodbye, Friday night torrents. Goodbye, *gasp* Hetalia. Goodbyeeee, KOMIKON, ahuhuhu. KOMIKON on Nov. 13, Saturday, guys. No hope of seeing me there *sniff*

I promised myself I'll focus more attention towards school this coming sem. Last sem, I was a mess. I must have accumulated more absences then than all the other sems combined. I slacked off, and I don't like it. It's not... me. OHMAI IS THIS BURNOUT

Aaaand I have another resolution for this sem. Fill up one whole sketchpad! I know I probably won't be good enough for a doujin after then, but it's something to look forward to. Step by step for maximum learning! Like what Sir Luistro said @_@

Another thing: Draw something else than Hetalia, dammit! Widen the horizons! (I actually started doing this with that Annie Mae strip. I draw some HP now too :D) I'm still waiting for a tablet... The 'rents promised it last summer, but they keep forgetting. Should I be more pushy? For my birthday? My bro got a Polaroid for his.

God bless the deluded optimist.


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I think I've bled myself dry regarding the Manila hostage crisis. These past few days I've been constantly updating myself, reading online Yahoo! news, newspapers and discussing with roommates. It's the topic everywhere, even here at home in Bulacan. The first thing Mama asked me after the mano and the kiss is "Have you heard that thing about the flag on Mendoza's coffin?" I realize I don't want to talk about it anymore. It makes the ol' noggin hurt so bad.

My adviser asked me to resched my 1pm Monday advising. I tried texting him when possible, but he hasn't replied yet, so I'm still going on Monday. Augh, I won't be graduating next sem. AUUGH. I wonder what's gonna happen to me after Psych. Take the board exams, yeah. Then an MA in International Studies. Or if I embody Wundt or Skinner or Bandura's souls maybe I'd get a chance to postgrad at LEIPZIG, GERMANY, the birthplace and the Mecca of Psychology, LOL.

But as of now I want to be a Foreign Service Officer, and an Ambassador someday, if possible. So, I need to speak Italian or Spanish like a second tongue to get a chance with the FSO exams. Lalala, had I worked hard at Japanese maybe I wouldn't have that big a problem now~


I haven't touched the Friends Page button for a week, so I'm just catching up. Hmmm, again I marvel at the magnitude of posts from the [ profile] hetalia. I'm afraid to join [ profile] sherlockbbc and reroute another river to my already overflowing dam. But the posts there (those which I've seen, not being a member) were LIKE, AWESOME.

Busy catching up on Kuroshitsuji II episode 9 too. Downloading it as I write. And GUESS WHAT? I finally bought season 1 DVDs, hardeharhar. Now I won't be ignorant of the manga/anime splits etc. :D
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The things I've finished and this week in bullets si'l vous plait.
  • Monday was AME Buddy Bidding. I didn't sign up for the buddies, so I don't have one ;w; Oh well, there's still next year.
  • Tuesday nothing really happened, except for a weird 118 exercise where we needed to use 'traces and archives' to find out which Psych areas the library lacks books on. But we aren't LibSci majors, right? D: No Italian class too, aww.
  • Wednesday was the AME GA. Spent a lot of time discussing alumni status. Had to go early because of a goddamned Physics probset.
  • Thursday, we played Italian-style BINGO at Italian class, and whoever gets a "Tombola" gets +10 points on the exam! Well, guess who won~ *wink*wink* SOMETIMES I UNDERESTIMATE MY LUCK
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  • Friday, we didn't have 7 am Physics class, so I got to sleep until 10 am. Hahaha.
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  • Saturday, a while ago, was the AME Acquaintance Party. The food was really good, akfhefhefd. It's embarrassing to remember our fail (and cold) pancit canton. *shudder* And seeing the boys do Abracadabra just made my day. I had to go early though, so I couldn't finish it.
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Yesterday and today were the most exhausting, heartbreaking, dysentery-inducing and dagnabbit-WTF-happened days of my college life.

Actually, I almost got through yesterday with minor injuries, which I shall list:

1. Lining up for Physics 10 and coming up with nothing - 45 minutes.
2. Loitering around Psych waiting for the Psych 180 slot that didn't materialize - 1 hour.
3. Wandering over to CAL for a language elective. I wanted Span 11 but got Ital 10 instead - 45 minutes.

(See what I did there? Followed the sched for F-O students! CS, CSSP then CAL!)
(I went to the [ profile] up_ame  tambayan after this for lunch break, sooo....)

4. Back to Psych hoping for that nonexistent Psych 180 slot - 1 hour.
5. Back to CAL for a GE, when Psych 180 broke my heart. Lined up for Eng 11 - 2 1/2 friggin' hours.
6. Back to Psych again to have my Form 5 printed out. I was so happy to get 20 units :DD


7. My most-especially-needed, 5 unit subject BIO 102 won't show up on the Form 5.


8. Had to go back to CSRC to check what happened. And had the RA rub it in my face that if Bio 102 isn't there, then it really wasn't there. You, or your adviser, cancelled it.

Yes, add insult to injury, man. Rub salt on the wound. Why would I freakin' do that stupid thing?

It was almost 5, so, I had no choice but to go home. Crying. Well, almost. I checked CRS and found out that it was IB which cancelled my slot for Bio 102.

I'll get back at you, jerks.

But I have to go eat dinner with friends now, and my clock meter on this internet shop says I have to cough up 58 php already. This is why I wanna go home, argh.
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Random funny story:

Last night, I was busy LJ-ing at the living room DSL with Uno while my housemates drank Red Horse at the laundry area. Imagine my surprise when I walked in on them, after logging out, talking to each other WITH BRITISH ACCENTS. Me: WTFFFFFFFFF~ Honestly, I must have laughed my head off at them.

Ah, England. I adore your amazing powers over drunk people.


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