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I haven't been updating at all lately huh? That's kinda sad, and lazy, of me but the main reason is that I found myself preferring to write on actual paper, like how I've done from elementary to high school. It's nice. I like the privacy of a diary that only I could read. Plus, I could actually practice coloring and drawing there, and it's the most I've drawn since like, 2010 and APH.

Here's a couple of pages!

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I wish I could write a short thing for TABI PO because it's so amazing. Also, has anybody seen THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2, because I wasn't really going to watch it but then Dane DeHaan's face happened and I kinda want to watch it for the pretty Harry Osborn...

Dane DeHaan aka that dude from Chronicle (2012)
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My dad had an appendectomy last week. He was in the hospital for around 3 days but he’s okay now, he’s been moving around and itching to drive like nothing happened. Thank god we have health insurance because the hospital bills were crazy. I mean, really? You’re just going to cut off a finger-size bit of the intestine that doesn’t have any recognizable function and the procedure doesn’t even take more than 30 minutes and you charge that much? I just don’t know. Not everyone can afford the price of health. And it’s sad.

I’d like to think that things would change this coming election but that’s idealistic. We can’t even pass a reproductive health bill without the Church harping on its immorality. Sometimes I love my country and sometimes I hate it so much, which is more often nowadays.


Also, I drew dragonnns! It's been so long since I last drew anything so I'm happy they came out pretty well. I was breaking in a new sketchbook haha.

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I'm so excited about so many dragons: Game of Thrones is back on March 31, THERE ARE NEW DESOLATION OF SMAUG BEHIND THE SCENES OMG THRANDUIL AND LEGOLAS, aaand the Trese thing I may or may not be drawing.

'Til later, guys :))
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I made something...

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I imagine they'd have lots to talk about, being Nazi fighters and all that. (Can they be best friends please :DDD)

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Found some old stuff.

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Feelin' a bit down lately.
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Tomorrow starts my last semester as an undergraduate, and I am a wee bit queasy. Mostly because my first subject is something I should have taken back when I was in second year. And now I'm forced to take it with sophomores. I don't know anybody but what the hell, let's get it over with.

I just really hope there wouldn't be introductions anymore. God, I really hate that part.

OH And I'm really excited about PI 100 (Rizal) too, since it's his 150th birthday anniversary on the 19th and surely, this is a good time to study Rizal. I hope they make us go to conferences and stuff, but even if they didn't, I'd go on my own anyway.

I'm starting Bio 102 (Vertebrate Anatomy) too, and even if it tried my patience and perseverance during enrollment, I'm looking forward to it. I know I have to give time for studying it, if I want a good grade, something higher than 2, and I'm hopeful. I don't want a repeat of Chem 31.

Also, I'm Doccom this year in AME. I'm really unfamiliar with what they do there but I'm willing to learn. Aaaand I'm pretty excited about Kami to Ki. It's been a long time since I worked in a newspaper/magazine (lol high school) and... ah... let's just say I wanna draw comics again.


Fandom stuff, I've caught up to Kuroshit, Pandora Hearts, Detective Conan, B&R. I tried reading Angel Sanctuary and I never thought I'd say this about Kaori Yuki but... it doesn't amaze me. It's confusing and that incest angle is distracting. I mean, is it totally necessary for the story or is it just a fetish, 'cause... it's not cool. I think she said somewhere that she's curious about it because she doesn't have a brother, but I'm telling you, it's not cool. NOT COOL. I have two brothers and just the thought of that makes me wanna hurl ok. It's not just socially deviant, it's biologically harmful too. I guess this here is one of my limitations.

I have Death Note too, but I haven't started reading it, I saw it years ago. Finished 20th Century Boys AND THAT WAS MY MOST SATISFYING READ IN A LONG TIME. Damn. Urasawa-sensei, whew, I adore his clean art, clean panels, and the way everything connects neatly, even after several layers, in the end. The last time I felt this for a manga was with his Monster run. He might just be my most favorite mangaka ever. When I have money I'll collect him.

Enrollment lines made me start on Oliver Twist and I'm near the end now and I might actually start collecting Dickens too. THIS is the kind of writing I love: satirical, long-winding sentences that go for whole paragraphs and loses you somewhere in the way, making you backtrack to read it over again. Victorian era fiction, mmm, delicious.

Lastly, I have finished the four seasons of The Tudors and I love the way they speak their English. Three seasons into Criminal Minds and shoot, that was a cliffhanger. I need more. But because the semester's starting, I may not have time at all.

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[ profile] silentside I'm so sorry for the delay! I keep forgetting to post it... Here's 4-5 of the BTT/Hangover costarring Igirisu :D Btw, I just watched it again and I still laugh SO HARD.

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hugeass picture inside sry )


Also, remember the little Omen fanboy from Batgirl 005?

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Of course. Of course. Damian = Damien. Only now do I realize the joke. I feel kinda stupid.
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So this is what I've been doing the past week at my lola's.

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I'm so sorry Michelangelo don't believe the colors I used auto contrast for that

They're two of my most favorite Teacup League characters from Tumblr, which has invaded my mind since last month and effectively cured me of art block, yay~

the creation of bb process + preview~ )

forgive me /sob

i suck. so much.

Other news, I had my hair cut! Short! I look like a cross between ChaCha and Zaijian Jaranilla. Lol jk. Who's going to Komikon?
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A piece of the thingmonstrosity I'm writing:

The question surprised Goyo, but not as much as seeing Juan’s face when he looked directly at him, the thin arms how can he even carry the guns never leaving the horse’s neck. Why he ever thought of Juan as just another over-eager boy risking his life for an idealized view of heroism, he couldn’t remember, when the boy’s eyes, eyes the color of maya birds Goyo kept as pets during childhood, spoke of an understanding far beyond him.

He caught his breath. “You’re one to talk. You couldn’t be more than 16 years old.”

“16!” Juan laughed, hugging Libertad tighter. The horse stepped back a little. “I look younger than I really am. It’s in the blood,” he peeked out mysteriously. “But seriously, though?

... A WHILE.

OMG I can't write anything without Twilight references DDDDDD: What have you done to meeeee

Drawn hastily and stupidly with Paint <3 Shouldn't have saved it as jpeg, I knowww

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So... the yearbook write-ups. I didn't know until this morning that photos were allowed, but thanks to [ profile] austere_flare's timely email, I managed to whip this up! It's kinda crappy cos I rushed it and my brain wasn't functioning right... Lame joke arggggh

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I cut off the cheesy description part. Oh yeah, I must say I was inspired by Manix Abrera's News Hardcore and the webcomic Hark, A Vagrant.
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Bum sa bahay, ayan tuloy... Ay grabe, sumakit lang ang batok ko dito.

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Corny joke is corny. :D )

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