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I haven't been updating at all lately huh? That's kinda sad, and lazy, of me but the main reason is that I found myself preferring to write on actual paper, like how I've done from elementary to high school. It's nice. I like the privacy of a diary that only I could read. Plus, I could actually practice coloring and drawing there, and it's the most I've drawn since like, 2010 and APH.

Here's a couple of pages!

tw: blood for the other page )
I wish I could write a short thing for TABI PO because it's so amazing. Also, has anybody seen THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2, because I wasn't really going to watch it but then Dane DeHaan's face happened and I kinda want to watch it for the pretty Harry Osborn...

Dane DeHaan aka that dude from Chronicle (2012)
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I haven't been reading stuff lately and that makes me a bit sad. There's around 3 books that I'm stuck halfway through, but I just can't seem to pick them up and finish them. Hmm.

Nevertheless, I've been able to write and draw something, so that's good, we're getting back in the game. The other day I bought a couple of books too, as if I'm not already drowning in them. Sorry for the crappy picture.

Image Hosted by
I wandered into a book sale and found Caleb Carr's The Angel of Darkness! I've been looking for this book since I read The Alienist some years ago, and I finally found a copy omg. That really made my day. Here was my description of The Alienist from this:

...which has got to be one of my favorite Victorian-era America novels of all time. There's a serial killer on the loose whose prey of choice are boy whores. And he cuts them up Jack the Ripper style. And the protagonist is an avant-garde psychiarist by the name of Laszlo Kriezler. And he's got a youngish crime reporter as a narrator Watson-style. What's not to love?

Also picked up Michael Crichton's The Lost World, not to be confused with ACD's The Lost World, because I read Jurassic Park once upon a time and it was fun. I have never finished ACD's though. Maybe someday.

Lastly, I now have the two volumes of Skyworld! Expect some fannish thoughts on it later, I've only read the first one and I'm bursting with ideas, complaints and arguments. 

Ending this with LLAP because STAR TREK UGH
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Ok I haven't posted anything on the komiks tag for a long time and I guess now that DC pulling some shit again, it's the perfect time for something else!


Image Hosted by

I found a link to the original 1950s DARNA! works by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Redondo! THANK GOOD HEAVENS MY DARNA STAN IS SHOWING ITS BRILLIANT COLORS ONCE AGAIN!!


The series is in Filipino though, I don't think it's ever been translated. But wow! Thanks a lot to Video 48, they are the best, they have pre-war and post-war Filipino films too, they are the LITERAL BEST OK

This almost erases my feels from DC's fuckery, almost. At least I still have DARNA! to hold on to, my lovely.

KAWILI-WILI AT HINDI MASAGWA. Omg this should be on every comic book ever made omg.
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I got to the office too early so I have some time to kill, and [personal profile] meicdon13 's Trese post made me want to post something Trese too haha. But, I'd have to post the long-delayed Smaller and Smaller Circles review first, so instead of a full-blown review, have some pictures from my journal while I was reading Trese: Midnight Tribunal. Fair warning for expletives and Tagalog!

Pictures inside! )

Tomorrow is Bonifacio Day, and just in case I'm not here, here's to our Supremo, Andres Bonifacio. Mabuhay!
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Second post of the day. Been free for a week now and I'm immensely BORED!

I read somewhere that the things you do most of the time should be the work you do the rest of your life. Or something like that. In an ideal world, then, I'd be a professional coffee-drinking komiks editor. Or a professional fangirl. Yeah.

I picked up Trese: Last Seen After Midnight and Elmer last week! Yay!

Trese is awesome, as usual. The stories Budjette dish out are both familiar and unfamiliar - like the little-known side, the dark side behind the usual, that angle we never look at because we're afraid of what we might see. Fight of the Year, the last story, is just amazing - it's set outside Manila and it opens up a lot of possibilities, like what if Trese's not the only one of her kind. Can I say I love it? KaJo's art is impressive, and I think he upped the ante from last. My only nitpick is the letters seem too small. And I wish there was some kind of underlying story again, like the last two volumes.

I love Trese with all my heart, but Elmer just takes my soul. It's- I don't know, it can be life-changing. I mean, I had difficulty finishing a chicken burger afterwards. Heck, I might not be eating chicken in the near future. Gerry Alanguilan's tale of sentient chickens touches on race, discrimination, the heart of darkness in every man, innate goodness, and even redemption. The art is second to none too.


I wonder, is that a Trese: Absolute Edition there? Plus Andong Arre! (Actually, there's an El Indio and Darna Omnibus at the top shelf too!) What I'd give for a shelf like that!

This last week I have also managed to check these off my graphic novel to-read list: Marvels, 300, Road to Perdition, Joker (Azzarello) and American Vampire (STEPHEN KING FF). Currently watching: Doctor Who S2 (Slowly, slowly), Downton Abbey S2 and Walking Dead S2.

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If you haven't read this yet, then please do so.

TABI PO by Mervin Malonzo

The art


fucking spectacular

THIS is why I love Filipino komiks.
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Komik pimping time ulit :D

Proto-zap. By Erik Katukomal.
A graphic artist gets zapped by a computer and gets the most terrifying powers ever... the powers of Photoshop.

Grabe, shet natawa talaga ako, brb dying

There's this Teacup League in Tumblr where they post OC superheroes and the like. I'm super tempted to make one too.

I'll call him Shooting Star because he's really a shooting star and he makes your wishes come true! Somehow. So he streaks across the sky waiting for wishers and then he works to fulfill them! Somehow. Idk, I think he's more spec-fic than superheroic orz... I just thought suddenly like what if shooting stars were people like in Narnia Caspian's wife was a star etc etc.

No alter-ego name for him yet but Shoot's a 13-14 year old kid (tadaaa surprise shota) who is bubbly and no he doesn't glowshine wtf. What do you guys think his powers should be? :DD


I'll just post the meme tomorrow. Still a bit stunned by Japan. Also, I'm in creepy ate mode, hugging my youngest brother like forever
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I wanted to pimp some komiks but I forgot yesterday.

Skygypsies. Story by Timothy James Dimacali. Art by John Raymond Bumanglang.
The Sama-Laut were master seafarers; it seemed only natural that they would be master spacefarers too.



DAY 3: Your favorite television program.

Pretty hard, as I’m a sucker for police procedurals in general, but Bones would be my favorite. (Of course as soon as I said it, I remembered Merlin and Sherlock, thanks a lot, brain.)

What I like about this show is the strong female lead and the interesting cases. Booth and Bones’ dynamic too. I like how it’s upside-down - Booth being the emphatic, Catholic, people-person-kinda-guy and Bones the scientific, socially-stunted psychology-hater :D

It’s been going on for six seasons with nothing more than a kiss and I wonder how long the writers can keep us cockblocked like that. ‘Cause sooner or later they’ll have to get together, right?


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This is gonna be one hueg lameass reminiscing about my love affair with Filipino komiks and how much I miss them.

Perhaps it was because I've been reading too many DC superhero comics, that I suddenly remembered when I read Pinoy komiks. Not the graphic novel Trese type, but the P10.00 colored Funny Komiks Ka Selo sells along with the newspapers. It was a tradition - my bros and I would always, always buy them after mass. We even had a rotating strategy on who'll read it first; this Sunday - me, the next - Ram, then - Dave. That was way before I read HP, way way before I started to appreciate Spiderman, and way way way before I got started on manga.

Hikaru... Kunin mo ang aking warrior sword, pfft.

Dear Lord, now that I remember, Ax: Defenders of the Universe may have been my very first fandom, and not HP. Shitshitshit napaka-weaboo ng komiks na yun kasi Hikaru yung pangalan ng bida, aaaaah. I treasured my Christmas special of this, man! Kaze/Belle was my OTP! Bumabalik ang lahat ng memories at napipilitan akong mag-code switch!

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So... the yearbook write-ups. I didn't know until this morning that photos were allowed, but thanks to [ profile] austere_flare's timely email, I managed to whip this up! It's kinda crappy cos I rushed it and my brain wasn't functioning right... Lame joke arggggh

Image Hosted by


I cut off the cheesy description part. Oh yeah, I must say I was inspired by Manix Abrera's News Hardcore and the webcomic Hark, A Vagrant.

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