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Thus the only day when my Facebook gets used and useful has ended. Thanks to everybody who greeted me again!

I guess it's rec time again!

The Farthest Shore: Fantasy from the Philippines
* It's named like/after the third Earthsea book, but this one's all about our beloved fantastic country. A dozen specfics perfect for everybody who wants a taste of the Philippines. I haven't read any of them yet, because I only found it now, for some reason, but I'm excited! It's been a long time since my last Filipino specfic.

(Actually, all this is because I'm reading Edgar Allan Poe again and he is the ABSOLUTE MASTER OF DREAD. He should be a DotA character.

Why is he the absolute master? Because according to Orson Scott Card:

"Dread is the first and strongest of the…kinds of fear. It is that tension, that waiting that comes when you know there is something to fear but you have not yet identified what it is. The fear that comes when you first realize that your spouse should have been home hours ago; when you hear a strange sound in the baby’s bedroom; when you realize that a window you are sure you closed is now open, the curtains billowing, and you’re alone in the house."

And this is the definitive dictionary definition of Edgar Allan Poe.)

Alternative Alamat: Stories Inspired by Philippine Mythology
* I wanted this for my birthday! But, well, maybe next time. Edited by Paolo Chikiamco, the cover by the amazing amazing Mervin Malonzo of Tabi Po fame, plus stories by Budjette Tan, Dean Alfar, Eliza Victoria, among other awesome people, what can a girl want more? Huh?

(I'm also reading The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks, and it reminds me of the good old days of playing Thief, which is the ultimate stealth game ever. It's about "wetboys", basically assassins with magical Talent which makes them the best in the biz. It's pretty dark and awesome.)
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I bombed my last 160 exam. I had Chem lec exams that same day, and I know that shouldn't be an excuse because I had one whole week to review for it and all I did was glance at my notes 30 minutes before the exam.

The irony is, I don't think I did a good job on Chem either. FML.

Day 12-21 of the meme wat )
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Komik pimping time ulit :D

Proto-zap. By Erik Katukomal.
A graphic artist gets zapped by a computer and gets the most terrifying powers ever... the powers of Photoshop.

Grabe, shet natawa talaga ako, brb dying

There's this Teacup League in Tumblr where they post OC superheroes and the like. I'm super tempted to make one too.

I'll call him Shooting Star because he's really a shooting star and he makes your wishes come true! Somehow. So he streaks across the sky waiting for wishers and then he works to fulfill them! Somehow. Idk, I think he's more spec-fic than superheroic orz... I just thought suddenly like what if shooting stars were people like in Narnia Caspian's wife was a star etc etc.

No alter-ego name for him yet but Shoot's a 13-14 year old kid (tadaaa surprise shota) who is bubbly and no he doesn't glowshine wtf. What do you guys think his powers should be? :DD


I'll just post the meme tomorrow. Still a bit stunned by Japan. Also, I'm in creepy ate mode, hugging my youngest brother like forever
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WTF happened to Japan? I just found out. I'm not sure about the statistics, but aren't these large-scale earthquakes and tsunamis increasing in frequency? It's scary, and I just hope they hang on, and stay safe.


I think I'm coming own with a cold. My throat burns whenever I swallow. I can't remember what meds to take with sore throat. Strepsils and Neozep and a lot of sleep? And no sweets nor cold drinks. Idk of any supporting study but better safe than sorry.


DAY 11 Your top three favorite bands

Parokya ni Edgar. They're mostly crazy but when they're serious they make some pretty decent music :D ... Nah, I'm a real  fan. Try One Hit Combo feat. Gloc-9, I was LSS-d on it for weeks :)) Oh, and I follow Chito on twitter and he answers fan questions *A*

Queen. I like Queen so much ok. Just, ah, Freddie Mercury uhm. We had a CD at home that was played over and over until it broke. And Bohemian Rhapsody is still the best karaoke song, ok. ... Maaaybe after Eye of the Tiger. Bicycle and Another One Bites the Dust are faves too :)

The Beatles. I know they're like gods in classic rock already, but I've only recently been into them. Anyway, She Loves You German version and Twist and Shout are my faves. The latter because it's John singing and Paul looks so damn cute in this video haha.

I didn't include Arashi because they're a boybando...

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I only mostly reblog though.

Thirty-day Tumblr Meme


DAY 1: Your middle name, and how you feel about it.

If going by PHL standards, the middle name is the mother’s maiden name; and mine is Laqui. I like it, it’s cool and it’s got the awesome QU combo :D

If by middle name my second name, it’s Anne. Short and cute but I wish my parents just named me Julianne or Juliana and not Julie Anne. I WANT A NICKNAME

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I should be studying for that Org Chem exam or finishing that reaction paper but I really don't know how to react to this---

Why do we have a reaction paper in PE anyway? I shouldn't be stressed over this, I already have too much shit going on in chemistry.

Btw, I'm writing again after the longest time. And it's got Gregorio del Pilar on it. Not the prof, no, that would just be weird.

Oh yeah, and another thing, isn't Steven Tyler just so damn hot? Looking real good for a 62-year-old.
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Houston we've had a PRobLEM
CALLING SS-74263 SS-74263
brace for impact
in 3 2 1

Tabula rasa. Clean slate.
Thanks to [personal profile] meicdon13  for the dreamwidth invite! I'm still learning the ropes, but it's pretty cool :D

Thanks to everybody who greeted me, btw! Facebook is very useful for these things, hmm? It sucked that I had a Chem exam right on my birthday, but whatever, we've got no class tomorrow o//

I'M TWENTY!! God, I feel so old -.-

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