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Everybody's got their own favorite Robin, huh? I get dibs on D&D!

How can you not love this little BAMF?

One favorite Damian fic here, and a favorite D&D fanart here.

Days 4-8 because I shunned the Net for some time )
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Yesterday I may have set a new record high for the stupidest thing I ever did: I walked, freaking walked, from SM North to Philcoa.

The reason was soo stupid I DENY its existence. Basically it was an amalgamation of bravado, impatience, delusional optimism and general stupidity.


If you want to lose weight, or tone your biceps or quads, I suggest volunteering at a children's home. It's what's kept me busy today and last Saturday - NSTP at RSCC behind SM North.

We're virtual slaves to their yet-uncontrolled ids, ever at their beck and call, ever at their mercy. Children, toddlers especially, are selfish and centric. And yet so adorable.

But no matter, it was nice to see Psych 171 in action. I found the perfect example of Erikson's Initiative vs Guilt in a three-year-old child. Paraguay (*not her real name) wanted to dry herself off after the bath, and vehemently turned me and my ministrations away. She was a very sweet and intelligent child though, I learned all the other kids' names by asking her.


And so, last Saturday, after "work", I wandered around SM North as I was prone to do so. (You might deduce that I like walking. It's true.) And 3 things happened.

1 was a conscious decision. My first stop was Comic Quest because... it was awesome and routine. And their displays were awesome too. Anyway, my heart stopped at their first, left-most display case - ALMOST EVERY BATMAN TRADE since... uh, the Morrison run, I guess. There was, like, Batman RIP, Battle for the Cowl, Bats and Robin, Hush, Heart of Hush, Batman and Son, the NEIL GAIMAN Batman (Did he, really? I-I have to read this is there a Sandman crossover) etc etc. I think I drooled a bit. Just a li'l. I thought I saw the new Batman Inc there too.

2 Downcast because I can't possibly afford those books, I walked across and down towards an appliance center, where their LCD TV was playing The Dark Knight. I-I feel like a dastardly fool 'cause I haven't... really... watched... this. And the thing that was going on in my head was: WHY IS THE GREEN GOBLIN GETTING KILLED BY THE JOKER? I now know it wasn't Willem Dafoe, but William Fichtner.

3 Third time's the charm. NBS was always one of my SM stops. What better to greet me than a tarp advertising the chance to win tickets to the San Diego ComiCon for every DC book purchased. Well played, NBS, although I have a question. Does this include the superhero children's books too?

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IT'S THE DAY OF HEARTS TOMORROW YAY These were drawn in 160 class again~

Basically a true story. Wow, I'm realizing my childhood self was one cold-hearted bitch. ANYWAY.

Friday night I watched Young Justice and was late for the 160 quiz next morning. [personal profile] meicdon13, I'm blaming you.

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Today marks the 112th anniversary of the shots that rang one night on a bridge in San Juan, Manila, fired by Private William Grayson - shots that marked the start of a new war for independence. February 4, 1899, the start of the Filipino-American War.

I forgot to promote this, but this was where I was from 2-5 pm. And I'm pretty happy I went, because I learned a lot of things commonly left out of history books. And it has made me realize, to a larger extent, the power the United States of America still has over us.

The panelists raised some very interesting puntos de vista regarding the VFA and the COIN (counter-insurgency) guides of the US, and why these agreements put the Philippines in a dangerous position. It would seem that they paint the US as deceptive as a snake, and I think they actually have the right to do so. Ugh, there was so many political jargon, I had difficulty keeping up with Satur Ocampo.

ANYWAY, another reason I was happy I went was these two boys sitting two seats from me, who were... uh, for some reason, feeling each others' carotid arteries. The "cute" guy kept on looking back and sniggering at his "stoic" friend, and IT WAS LIKE A BL MANGA WTF
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Houston we've had a PRobLEM
CALLING SS-74263 SS-74263
brace for impact
in 3 2 1

Tabula rasa. Clean slate.
Thanks to [personal profile] meicdon13  for the dreamwidth invite! I'm still learning the ropes, but it's pretty cool :D

Thanks to everybody who greeted me, btw! Facebook is very useful for these things, hmm? It sucked that I had a Chem exam right on my birthday, but whatever, we've got no class tomorrow o//

I'M TWENTY!! God, I feel so old -.-

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