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It's kinda weird when you find out your childhood friends are getting pregnant or getting married or both. But the conversation I had with my Mama was weirder.

Mama: So, you know, your Ate She's getting married this Saturday.
Me: Mmm, yeah.
Mama: And Marilyn's in her 8th month now, she'll be delivering soon.
Me: Mhmm, I know, Ma.
Mama: (shrugs) I just saying! Baka nahuhuli ka lang!
Me: o_o You got married at 32, Ma. 32.

why this is really freaking scary when it comes from my mother )

Ma'am Chei asked who among us have accepted the possibility that they would probably spend the rest of their lives alone. I raised my hand, along with many of my classmates, and conspicuously, a guy in a relationship. As my classmates were teasing his girlfriend, Ma'am Chei felt the need for an intervention.

"He doesn't need to be with you, but he wants to, and chooses to

That's how I want my life to be.
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Going back to QC early tomorrow morning. Actually, later this morning. It's gonna be a hassle at the bus station, I am sure of it. So I have to wake up early... or my Pop's gonna have a bitch fit.

I was supposed to go with my brother yesterday afternoon, I had my bags packed and ready. But we kind of disagreed because he was nagging me to ask about transfer papers at UP. I begged off this Monday because I've a formal report to do for Chem, but I guess I used the wrong words or something. No, actually, I snapped at him out of irritation (at him and that freaking Chem report that I couldn't understand D<).

So he's gone on to Sta. Mesa and I didn't. Nawalan ako ng gana. I hated midday bus rides, anyway; I prefer early mornings. Too bad, I've to drag my luggage all alone.

My brother really really wants to transfer to my uni, and I really want him to. He's been wanting to take Film for years now, and UP Film Institute's one of the few film schools in the country. And one of the best in the world. I'm fully behind him and I will do what I can to help him. It's not gonna end today, Monday, right? I doubt the offices would be open this early in the year. This Thursday, perhaps, or God help me, I'll be turning in a blank paper for Chem on Tuesday.

One more thing: Science is one cold-hearted bitch with a 14 inch strap-on. I love you, Vince Masuka.


Okay, so there's denial, and rationalization, maybe a bit of projection and dang it I'm psychologizing myself and I'm having fun.
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Slowly going through the backlogs... This is what a week without Internet does to you *grumble*

Now before I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODYYYY! Let's make this a better year, eh?

BAGUIO WAS FREAKIN' COLD. The water was ice, I tell ya. And my feet felt as though they're gonna fall off. But it was a fun trip nonetheless! Three days weren't enough to explore the whole city, but we made the most of it.

Let me go Dora and tell you my most favorite part of the trip: the marketplace and its humongous produce! The orange kamote! The twin strawberries which were freaky and which I think were genetically tampered! The broccoli which was like a small wedding bouquet! The eggplants that are as thick as a burly man's... arm and costs 150php per kilo! Why is it that everything seems so big in Baguio?

I shall post pictures of our escapades as soon as I take my bro's hands off the camera.

Yesterday I just let jet lag take over me and slept. Oh, glorious sleep. I woke up in time to enjoy the end of 2010 though~

It's back to school in two days. Aw.
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Just got back from watching HP7 with my bro!

Hm, I can't stress how big a part of my life HP is. I divide my life by the book releases. Even though I was originally the only one who read HP in the family, the movies were a family affair, a tradition. It was the only movie that we always saw all together. Heck, they were the only movies I made an effort to watch at the cinemas before. That was when the movies were shown during November. Since it was shown in July we couldn't watch as a whole. I think that was HP5? It was the only thing I ever attempted serious fanfiction on, excepting Hetalia now. And do you know I named my diary Harry? Yes, that's how much I was a HP and Anne Frank fan.

It makes me sad that it's ending. It's Childhood's End quoting Arthur C. Clarke and :icondigging-4-more:. I doubt I could ever treat another fandom like HP. Cheesy as it may, HP was my first and greatest love.

So... here's just mah two cents with the HP7 film.

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Manga Update List!

My Barbaric Girlfriend - Chapter 54! Oh no, Nanako/Akira moment, grrr. DNW! Akira should be with Senbongi! Whatever happens! Aaaah, I shall boycott if Nanako/Akira happens (although I think it's the main goal to make them happen D<)

BTW, Nanako's the guy. They kinda switched bodies.

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manga: Kuroshitsuji; Eyeshield 21; Junjou Karen na Oretachi da!; Pandora Hearts; Vassalord; Crimson Hero; +C; Saint Young Men; Ludwig Kakumei )


At Market! Market! this morning, my brother and I were fapping over random anime at Comic Alley when Ate Cashier started suggesting things:

Ate: Ay, ito, napanood niyo na yung Baka to Test? Bago lang yan, maganda rin, kahit ECCHI~

Bro: O_o HUWOOOW Ecchi daw, ecchi!

Ate: O kaya, yung Monochrome Factor, maganda yun, medyo YAOI~

Me: @_@ You got me at yaoi, ateh~ *wink* (No, actually, tawa lang ako ng tawa.)

Shit, ang cool ni Ate. Napabili tuloy kami pareho.
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Happy birthday, [info]juwelzz!!



My bro was talking about somebody named Taemin from KPop and I seriously thought it was Thiamine. So I persist in calling him B1.


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My brother surprised me this morning:

Bro: (pointing at the computer screen) ATE! Pang-homosexual ito diba?

I froze. Dear Lord, what could he have seen there? I mentally went through the last time I downloaded gayshiz on the family computer. I deleted it, right? I saved it in my USB and DELETED EVERYTHING RIGHT?!?

Bro: (perky/cheery/bubbly/ffffffff) Diba, diba? Pwede naman sa lalaki o babae? Itong wallpaper?


Me: I think you mean 'unisex'. (Trans. GDMNT I THOUGHT YOUR INNOCENT EYES SAW.)
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My brother is a weirdo.

Image Hosted by

Again, weird art. Scroll down for some SpecFic spaz. )


I'm finished with the drafts for the Japan/Piri sexy kiss meme, yay! Now to color them ahehe~ My my my, they're kinda hot. Hotter than usual, which is flat platonic 8D. I almost cracked up the French Kiss by substituting France for Japan, but thank God I didn't! I totally ripped the French Kiss off some manga, though D:

Kekeke~ I'm excited :D I have to hide it from the 'rents and the sibs. Or risk endless teasing.


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