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Coming back from the dead to spaz about the new Thor movie ughhh
Happy Halloween everybody! How have y'all been? What are you guys doing this devil's night? :)

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So, IRON MAN THREE! I saw it at the premiere the other night and wow, no words can describe how happy it made me. Iron Man is back with the A+ humor and fantastic special effects! This would mostly be a fangirling post, as I wrote this at 2 am this morning.

general tony meta; spoilers galore )
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Your supervisor asks you to do the reports, join a meeting, re-do this, that, etc.

Reaction #1: "He's grooming you for command!" (Tarly, GoTS1)
Reaction #2: "A king does not ask, he commands." (Joffrey that shit, GoTS2)


In anticipation of the coming Avengers movie, I remembered I had a copy of the original comic (1963), written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby. I must say, the movie's got the villain spot on.

So Loki's the god of evil now? I thought he just handled the mischief. Plus, look at Tony's suit. HAHAHA WTF. BUT OH. WHERE IS CAP? WHERE'S MY DOSE OF CHRIS EVANS?

(It's always fun reading old comics. I read a few of the first X-men ones, and by golly, they all speak weird and formal. The best parts are Jean and Scott's "internal" dialogues where they're both pining for each other and both do nothing, and then Warren swoops in for a drive with Jean. Haha, classic.)

Anyway, I wonder if the movie storyline goes like the comic. Probably not, but hey, Chris and Chris and Downey and JEREMY MY LOVE? Somebody come watch with me pleaaaaaase.

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