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So at least my workmate is a decent human being and offered to have it fixed, thank god. The viruses are gone, and most of the files were salvaged. But there's still like 20GB unaccounted for and I can't remember what's missing? Hmm, if I can't remember it then probably it's not that important?

My brother's flying to South Korea tomorrow for an exchange program. That's a WHOLE YEAR he's going to spend in Korea! I'm real jealous and I'm actually gonna miss him because he's like, one of the handful of people I talk to in real life. He's a film major, and I like movies, and we talk about movies a lot. He's also my theater buddy.

Lastly, I read the WORST NEWS this morning and wow, it just ruined everything. I hate DC and Grant Morrison and this was a pretty cheap move. I'm going to elaborate on this later when I'm not really angry and unspeakably sad.
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[personal profile] meicdon13 I watched half of The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 yesterday!

here is some brainpoop )

I'll finish it this weekend! Other news, I saw Life of Pi, finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and probably give Blade Runner another try.
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I made something...

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I imagine they'd have lots to talk about, being Nazi fighters and all that. (Can they be best friends please :DDD)

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Stealing a few moments from my boring Bio review to say that

And I think I'm in love with Maggie Smith. As if I wasn't in love with her before.

Also, I didn't know [ profile] damagectrl was writing for Heta_Ph again. And that [ profile] peculuiarities did so too.

Awesome. Time to go back, maybe?


I have a tumblr account, by the way!
It's juliebeefjerky. Where you'll find nothing but batboys, I'm sorry.

Two hours left and one chapter to go!
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And yet incredibly sweet too.

Gearing up for Father's Day lol. I should paint something.
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Tomorrow starts my last semester as an undergraduate, and I am a wee bit queasy. Mostly because my first subject is something I should have taken back when I was in second year. And now I'm forced to take it with sophomores. I don't know anybody but what the hell, let's get it over with.

I just really hope there wouldn't be introductions anymore. God, I really hate that part.

OH And I'm really excited about PI 100 (Rizal) too, since it's his 150th birthday anniversary on the 19th and surely, this is a good time to study Rizal. I hope they make us go to conferences and stuff, but even if they didn't, I'd go on my own anyway.

I'm starting Bio 102 (Vertebrate Anatomy) too, and even if it tried my patience and perseverance during enrollment, I'm looking forward to it. I know I have to give time for studying it, if I want a good grade, something higher than 2, and I'm hopeful. I don't want a repeat of Chem 31.

Also, I'm Doccom this year in AME. I'm really unfamiliar with what they do there but I'm willing to learn. Aaaand I'm pretty excited about Kami to Ki. It's been a long time since I worked in a newspaper/magazine (lol high school) and... ah... let's just say I wanna draw comics again.


Fandom stuff, I've caught up to Kuroshit, Pandora Hearts, Detective Conan, B&R. I tried reading Angel Sanctuary and I never thought I'd say this about Kaori Yuki but... it doesn't amaze me. It's confusing and that incest angle is distracting. I mean, is it totally necessary for the story or is it just a fetish, 'cause... it's not cool. I think she said somewhere that she's curious about it because she doesn't have a brother, but I'm telling you, it's not cool. NOT COOL. I have two brothers and just the thought of that makes me wanna hurl ok. It's not just socially deviant, it's biologically harmful too. I guess this here is one of my limitations.

I have Death Note too, but I haven't started reading it, I saw it years ago. Finished 20th Century Boys AND THAT WAS MY MOST SATISFYING READ IN A LONG TIME. Damn. Urasawa-sensei, whew, I adore his clean art, clean panels, and the way everything connects neatly, even after several layers, in the end. The last time I felt this for a manga was with his Monster run. He might just be my most favorite mangaka ever. When I have money I'll collect him.

Enrollment lines made me start on Oliver Twist and I'm near the end now and I might actually start collecting Dickens too. THIS is the kind of writing I love: satirical, long-winding sentences that go for whole paragraphs and loses you somewhere in the way, making you backtrack to read it over again. Victorian era fiction, mmm, delicious.

Lastly, I have finished the four seasons of The Tudors and I love the way they speak their English. Three seasons into Criminal Minds and shoot, that was a cliffhanger. I need more. But because the semester's starting, I may not have time at all.

Pahabol na painting )
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There's so much Dick and Damian love on tumblr ;___;

(via knightowls)

they had a good run )
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Batman & Robin #1 starring Bruce and Damian. By Pete Tomasi & Patrick Gleason


“In both Batman and Detective, Bruce Wayne is going to be the main star as Batman,” Marts confirmed. “Bruce Wayne will once again be the only character to be wearing the Batman costume.”

No way.

I wanted Bruce/Damian father/son bonding for a looooong time but this…. I got into Batman because of the Dick/Damian dynamic. I-I’m kinda sad. What's gonna happen to Dick? Back to Nightwing? Man, DC what did you make that whole Batman Inc. for?

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[ profile] silentside I'm so sorry for the delay! I keep forgetting to post it... Here's 4-5 of the BTT/Hangover costarring Igirisu :D Btw, I just watched it again and I still laugh SO HARD.

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hugeass picture inside sry )


Also, remember the little Omen fanboy from Batgirl 005?

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Of course. Of course. Damian = Damien. Only now do I realize the joke. I feel kinda stupid.
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Komik pimping time ulit :D

Proto-zap. By Erik Katukomal.
A graphic artist gets zapped by a computer and gets the most terrifying powers ever... the powers of Photoshop.

Grabe, shet natawa talaga ako, brb dying

There's this Teacup League in Tumblr where they post OC superheroes and the like. I'm super tempted to make one too.

I'll call him Shooting Star because he's really a shooting star and he makes your wishes come true! Somehow. So he streaks across the sky waiting for wishers and then he works to fulfill them! Somehow. Idk, I think he's more spec-fic than superheroic orz... I just thought suddenly like what if shooting stars were people like in Narnia Caspian's wife was a star etc etc.

No alter-ego name for him yet but Shoot's a 13-14 year old kid (tadaaa surprise shota) who is bubbly and no he doesn't glowshine wtf. What do you guys think his powers should be? :DD


I'll just post the meme tomorrow. Still a bit stunned by Japan. Also, I'm in creepy ate mode, hugging my youngest brother like forever

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