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Starting a new blog post with a whiny rant under a read more. I wrote this on a journal like a year ago but I’m feeling it again and really, I’m too lazy to describe it again so I’ll just post it.

Anyway enough of that crap and let me bullet point stuff I’ve been doing this past month!
  • My roommate and I made a pact to finish all previous seasons of Breaking Bad before part 2 of season 5 starts in August 11. We’ve been at this for like two weeks now and we’re still at Season 4!! We’ve got like three days to finish 7 episodes plus part 1 of season 5, whew. Thank the gods today is a holiday!
  • Speaking of which, EID MUBARAK to everyone celebrating! (I seriously love my country, we get Christian and Muslim national holidays off ahh)
  • Finished season 2 of Boardwalk Empire, halfway done with season 3. I need more Rothstein.
  • I’M WATCHING ONGOING ANIME AFTER A LONG TIME?? Right now I’m into Shingeki no Kyojin and Free! So anybody who wants to talk about those, just hit me up!
  • I LOVE JEAN KIRSCHTEIN. I unironically sail every ship that he is in, Jean/Marco, Jean/Eren, Jean/Mikasa, Jean/Armin, basically Jean with everybody. Annie is a close second in my heart.
  • It’s so hard to say which of the swimming boys I love most, maybe Nagisa and Rei, but I love them all really. Rn I just want to see Samezuka-buchou in a speedo.
  • This is an important public service announcement: Welcome to Night Vale has swallowed my corporeal being. I can’t believe how attached I am to Cecil, like when did this happen.
  • I don’t know how I manage to juggle all these fandoms with two hands, possibly some tentacles, but I’m managing. It’s fun!
  • Oh and how could I forget: PACIFIC RIM. I’m brimming with ideas and I’m going to write semi-historical fic because that’s my jam.

Book update:

I am really behind on my reading list this year. I may not be able to finish the 50 book milestone I set for myself and I may whittle that down to a manageable 30. I’m currently juggling a couple of books too, as is my usual behaviour.
  • Finally got around to reading Les Miserables after all the heart-breaking ExRfanfiction I devoured a month ago. Something about modern AUs for the Les Amis and college friendships make me wish I had a tight-knit group growing up. Ah, I want to rec fanfics of these, but would anyone even be interested?
  • The thing is, my paperback of Les Mis is pretty inconvenient to bring along all the time, so I also have it on this tab that I use as a reader. Basically I’m simultaneously reading two different translations. I wish I just knew French.
  • I am slowly moving forward with Moby Dick. Very, very slowly.
  • And I also read a handful of HP Lovecraft’s short stories courtesy of this, because of Night Vale. IT’S GREAT. AND CREEPY. And I’m pretty sure one of them is anti-alcohol Prohibition Era propaganda.
  • Bought A Separate Peace and All Quiet on the Western Front for PHP90 a piece!

That’s mostly all for now, and I do hope I get to post more often. Hit me up on tumblr, maybe, I’m pretty much always there 
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I was walking down the Paramount overpass to SM North when I saw something like this among the tiangge people. They were selling "bfgf" shirts.


Syempre, emo black and red ang kulay niyan, diba. Namiss ko tuloy ang Naruto. Nung nagbabasa pa ako, ito yung barko ko e. Kaso ngayon, gusto ko na lang mamatay si Sasugay.

Anyway, [ profile] chocomintee's recommendations Makai Ouji: Devil and Realist and Karneval were cute~ I'm waiting for the next chapters already :D And I recently saw Japan's best-selling manga in [ profile] aramatheydidnt and I became curious about Nurarihyon no Mago (it's the only unfamiliar one for me lol). It's really good! Especially if you're into youkai and shounen with almost nonexistent ecchi, although it might be gory. Still, it's a breather. ♥♥
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A classmate in Italian class has won the Palanca thrice. And she's younger than me. Amazing, Y/Y?

*whistles* The Palanca is a dream. Although it's arguably society's way of shaping the difference between high literature and others, it's still a distinction prized by many writers. Not to mention the prize money can't hurt unless overjustified :D

I don't think it's comparable to the Akutagawa award in Japan, 'cause Palanca winners don't get much attention, and it encompasses a wider range (Filipino, English and regional language divisions; then different literary forms for each). Maaaybe it's quite alike the Pulitzer. Just maybe.

This makes me realize that I haven't written creatively since... CW 10 two years ago. I kinda miss it, now being surrounded by scientific, APA-style output :D Anyway, I've focused on strips the past six months. So maybe the award I should be aiming for is the Philippine Graphic/Fiction Award! Hahaha, asa!

Maybe one of these days I'll write SpecFics again. 8D.b


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I think I've bled myself dry regarding the Manila hostage crisis. These past few days I've been constantly updating myself, reading online Yahoo! news, newspapers and discussing with roommates. It's the topic everywhere, even here at home in Bulacan. The first thing Mama asked me after the mano and the kiss is "Have you heard that thing about the flag on Mendoza's coffin?" I realize I don't want to talk about it anymore. It makes the ol' noggin hurt so bad.

My adviser asked me to resched my 1pm Monday advising. I tried texting him when possible, but he hasn't replied yet, so I'm still going on Monday. Augh, I won't be graduating next sem. AUUGH. I wonder what's gonna happen to me after Psych. Take the board exams, yeah. Then an MA in International Studies. Or if I embody Wundt or Skinner or Bandura's souls maybe I'd get a chance to postgrad at LEIPZIG, GERMANY, the birthplace and the Mecca of Psychology, LOL.

But as of now I want to be a Foreign Service Officer, and an Ambassador someday, if possible. So, I need to speak Italian or Spanish like a second tongue to get a chance with the FSO exams. Lalala, had I worked hard at Japanese maybe I wouldn't have that big a problem now~


I haven't touched the Friends Page button for a week, so I'm just catching up. Hmmm, again I marvel at the magnitude of posts from the [ profile] hetalia. I'm afraid to join [ profile] sherlockbbc and reroute another river to my already overflowing dam. But the posts there (those which I've seen, not being a member) were LIKE, AWESOME.

Busy catching up on Kuroshitsuji II episode 9 too. Downloading it as I write. And GUESS WHAT? I finally bought season 1 DVDs, hardeharhar. Now I won't be ignorant of the manga/anime splits etc. :D
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Sorry it's really blurry, but!

Image Hosted by


I've seen the Commie subs for Kuroshit 8!

1. I mean, even if I was spoiled, WTF CLAUDE?!
2. And WTF Hannah fanservice again?!
3. And WTF OLD PERVERTED GUY?! Btw, seductive!Alois was sexaaaay.
4. The whole episode was just full of WTF.
5. Really, WTF.
6. It's so WTF I wanna see Episode 9 already.
7. Just, Alois, don't die, please? You're a really interesting specimen of a disturbed and deluded shotaboy.
8. Claude, though I'm still in love with your tapdancing skills, go back to hell or wherever demons go back to.
9. Hannah is a mystery.

Ahh, Kuroshit does need a separate tag. Back to Physics, I guess. I'm deluding myself into thinking I can pass this subject.
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What's the problem with UVLe? I've been downloading a 35.2 MB Physics probset for an hour already, and it's still at 58%. And I still have to wait 40 minutes for it to finish. Is my internet that slow?


But I've already finished torrenting 2 episodes of Kuroshitsuji II at the same time, so it couldn't be that slow, right? Or do torrenting and DDL have kind of an inverse relationship? IDKWTF I'm sleepy already.

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Some fanservicing with the Earl.

OOOORYAAAA Victorian England isn't complete without Sherlock Holmes. And Jack the Ripper. And India. But well, yeah, I couldn't stop spazzing at the part where a certain guy dies of poison in a locked room and I was thinking and hyperventilating OMG IT'S THE SPECKLED BAND OMG SIR DOYLE'S FAVORITE HOLMES STORY OMG.

Weehee~ It's the first time I saw Sir Doyle in a manga. And I'm super happy <3

Speaking of happy, the last episode of BBC's Sherlock made me happy. The pool scene, really! OHGOD I loved that. I couldn't stop playing it over and over this past week like it's my life blood. I'm seriously considering making some parts of it my message alert tone. So if you ever hear an annoying singsong-y voice saying "Booooring~" that's probably from my phone.

HNNNNGH It saddens me to think of the one year wait till the next season.

Only now do I realize that I'm such a Holmes fag.

UVLe's at 81%! And I only have to wait for 10 more minutes! But LOL, my third Kuroshit torrent's gonna finish in 6 minutes. Huh. I'm wondering if Kuroshit needs a separate tag.
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The University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts is
Rhapsody of the Rain.
Keep your ears out, it's coming soon.


There's a big tree blocking the way in front of Palma Hall. Apparently, it fell quite unexpectedly, injuring two people. Manong from the pancit stall near the Main Lib told me it happened a little after 11 am, just ten minutes before I got there.

For some reason, I look at the tree and feel sad. Maybe it's just depression settling in after a damned psych exam, or exhaustion from having just two hours of sleep, I neither know nor care. That tree was alive, now it's dead, dead.

WTH am I being senti about?


QUESTION! It's been bugging me for some reason: BMW cars hail from Germany, right? So... shouldn't it be pronounced BM...V? I'm serious, man!


Watched the Russian filmfest last Tuesday, before the blasted brownout. Ward No. 6 was weird, based off Anton Chekhov's short story. All I really got was that we have a very vague concept of sanity, which usually depends on the majority. I think. Anyway, the next film was The Star, a WW2 film about a group of doomed Russian scouts. This I seriously liked. I've been a fan of war films since my Pop took me to watch a Robin Padilla movie when I was a youngling. Something about the serious emotions and faggotry really pull at my id. UNF. I won't spoil it, as it's damn good, but let me say that Lt. Travkin was a hot mess, and Private Vorobei activated my maternal instincts.

The Russian Film Festival runs until Friday, guys! Two showings, 5 pm and 7pm at the UP Film Institute, all FREE ADMISSION! GO, NOW! Soak up culture and be one with Mother Russia!

I've been crazy about these free films since the French Fest last month. EIGA SAI is on August, but it's not free, and I want to watch a lot. I think there's an Italian or Spanish fest on December(?) but I'm not sure. Check it, guys! I mean, most of the films have weird endings, but they're FREE! And yess, I'm a free-whore.
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I swear I'm going to watch both of these on IMAX as if it's the last thing I'll do. 

A farewell gift *sniff* for a childhood friend who's been with me more than half my life; a lifelong wish for one small letter; and the greatest fandom of my life. YES, it tops Hetalia, Narnia, NGE and even the gayshiz I have shitloads of.

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APP BOOTH: June 29 - July 2 @ CAL Basement

Contact us at or visit our website ( for details!


Our Physics problem set got moved! Oh, thank god I checked the Internet today~ I was having a lot of trouble with it, since my laptop's supposedly getting fixed, and I might not get it until next week ;w; All my ebook things and ppts are there, so...

Burning my money in computer shops too. Argh. But never mind. 'Cause I got to see lotsa World Cup ads. Pepsi's are too funny!
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Riding a bus from Araneta-Cubao to SM North EDSA, I was hit with a realization: Bus drivers are seme, conductors are uke, Y/Y? \o/

I'm thinking of titles like, "Terminal Love" or "License to Drive" or "Bus Driver, Sweet Lover". 8D.b

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