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Yesterday was probably the most stressful birthday I've ever had in recent memory. And all I really wanted for a birthday was some peace and quiet, to lie around with a good book and a cup of coffee and just be a total lazy slob for a day.

I don't usually celebrate my birthday, but as I have a job and coworkers now, I felt obliged to treat them out, or something. And I had absolutely no idea how to go about this so I've spent the whole of last week fretting and being a huge neurotic ass. I looked for deliveries online, and as I hated phones with a passion, I opted to place an order and taste-test in person.

And then next day, I couldn't concentrate because I was so anxious about all kinds of stuff, like a) would the delivery come on time, b) won't they get lost, c) would they come at all, d) I HATE THIS SO MUCH GOD LET'S JUST GET THIS DAY OVER WITH

Moral of the story is, I'll never be an events organizer.

I wanted to unwind afterwards so I went to a mall after work. I thought I'd buy clothes or new shoes but decided against it and bought three books before my superego finds out and tells me not to. Brought home Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, The Road by Cormac McCarthy and The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkein (because I'm seriously going through a Hobbit withdrawal!!). I'm all set for my weekend! (And the weekend after that, and after that!)

This was a card I got from the company. I know it was generic but I was still real touched.

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I'll spend this weekend being a lazy slob and marathoning the LOTR trilogy!!

Oh and thanks to everybody who greeted me; I haven't been on facebook to reply yet but thanks so much! ♥♥
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A bit overdue but, last Sunday, my brother and I went to the last day of the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale. It was a bit of an overwhelming experience, because we both didn't know where it was (we took a cab and felt really wasteful), and I honestly did not expect it to be in an actual fourth-floor warehouse! There was a lot of people and boxes and boxes of books and other goods, all priced down for the holidays. Whenever a staff opened another box, people would flock and fight over its contents like Battle Royale or something. Some had boxes full to the brim - perhaps they owned a bookstore too, that's the only explanation. I met some old school friends from UP too. I managed to pick up a few things...
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- Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell audiobook - I'm not really into motivational stuff, but it's 7 CDs for P100 (around $2.5), that's a bargain.
- Pacific Rims, Rafe Bartholomew - Basketball! In the Philippines! I've long wanted this book alright.
- Inseparable: Desire Between Women in Literature, Emma Donoghue - OH YES. My roommate was a bit scandalized by the pictures, but I fail to see it, haha.
- Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression, Morris Dickstein - Woops, my love for this era is showing...
- The Aeneid, Virgil - S C R E A M I NG
- Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte - P50! I really lucked out on this, it's a very pretty copy.
- How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Thomas Foster - I'm reading it now and it's both funny and informative?
My brother the ass bought a Gio Ponti design book for P500, and made me pay for it. Ponti, more like Ponzi, I thought this was a sale.
Anyway, my review for Smaller and Smaller Circles is almost finished - it became a paper somewhere along the way and I really want to add references but I can't find what I want. Also, I started this last weekend.

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Just got back from a company-wide General Assembly and it seems like we'd be getting a bonus this month aside from the Christmas bonus! Yes, just in time for the gift season! I'll have to plan all this carefully though, since it's my first Christmas with a salary of my own. There's friends, aunts, uncles, little nieces and nephews and Mommy and Ma and Pa and the bros.

Is this the life of the adult yet, because I'm still not feeling it.
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 So the things I have so far done in bullets:
  • Finished The Casual Vacancy! Somebody talk to me, that wasn’t a happy book…
  • Finished Suits S2 in a weekend ahahahaaa. It was FANTASTIC!! The last episode did have some weird where-the-hell-did-this-come-from moments but overall it was pretty damn enjoyable.
  • HOW AWESOME ARE THE FIRST TWO EPISODES OF THE WALKING DEAD?? I really really hope they sustain this much gore and energy and badassery! (I was all but ready to give up after S2 but this restored my faith thank zombies.) ALSO MICHONNE!!!
  • I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT DOWNTON ABBEY OK, JFC I NEVER CRIED THAT MUCH ON A SINGLE EPISODE KFJALFKJASD;FLK. All I want is to stand on a cliff, hold up a fist and scream JULIAN FELLOWES!!!! as the night wind screams back at me.
  • Still wondering whether to read 2001 A Space Odyssey or watch the movie first.
  • I have tickets for the Ruroken showing!!!!!
  • Also, very excited for TRESE 5!!
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I'm trying to organize my blogs into a more coherent Internet web (if there was ever such a thing). Right now I have:
3 tumblr usernames omg what
one is my personal blog, meaning the one I always use
two is a fan-artblog I never update
three is new and supposed to be an artblog too i guess
1 Multiply I have all but forgotten
(plus fb and twitter)

I want to make a book review blog somewhere, and I'm thinking of either making a new blog or changing my dreamwidth into one. I'm not sure how to do this hmmm what to do...
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Ehehehee I have it and didn’t need to pay for it :) I somehow roped my aunt to buy it for me ahahaa

I'm almost through the first 'act' now and it's really different from the Harry Potter books - for one thing, words like fuck and cunt and penis are scattered all around (I was not expecting that offhand penis comment thing). The writing style uses more descriptions of beautiful old Pagford too, probably to lure us into a false sense of security. It's third-person limited, we go in and out of half a dozen characters, all of whom seem to be related to each other. It's a bit confusing and I'm not invested on any of them yet, but I'm curious enough to find out what the secrets are in this outwardly picturesque little town.

I read my hardbounds ‘naked’ to preserve the jackets. It’s real pretty naked too.

Now I have a problem. I'm reading The Casual Vacancy while twenty-plus books are still waiting for me to touch them ugh. Most of them are classics because /gasp/ I am a snob. I got most of these from booksales for P30! I love booksales...

Image Hosted by

1. The Once and Future King, TH White
2. El Filibusterismo, Jose Rizal
3. On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin
4. 101 Stories on the Philippine Revolution, Ambeth Ocampo
5. Smaller and Smaller Circles, FH Batacan
6. The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood
7. Dubliners, James Joyce
8. 2001 A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke
9. 2010: Odyssey Two, Arthur C. Clarke
10-11. Sherlock Holmes The Complete Novels and Stories Volume I and II, AC Doyle
12. The Red Badge of Courage and Four Stories, Stephen Crane
13. Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer, Joseph Conrad
14. Hamlet, William Shakespeare
15. Light Thickens, Ngaio Marsh
16. Frankenstein, Mary Shelley
17. The House of Silk, Anthony Horowitz
18. Star Wars Heir to the Empire, Timothy Zahn
19. Death of a Colonial, Bruce Alexander
20. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, trans. Burton Raffel
21. The Curse of the Pharaohs, Elizabeth Peters
22. Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier
23. To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
24. Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift

And I've only really finished four of them,
1. Emma, Jane Austen. Half the time I was screaming at Emma 'you are so wrong! don't assume anything! can't you see can't you see!?'
2. The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings, Edgar Allan Poe. Powerful and evocative, Poe is truly the grand master of dread. Also DUPIN!!
3. Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Perfection!! Applause for this!! I need more Dostoyevsky!!!
4. American Gods, Neil Gaiman. Another instant favorite. I had to adjust myself to read contemporary lit ahaha you know my preference for Dickensian wandering sentences.

Help why couldn't there be more hours in a day! I desperately want to read everything oh god for shame this does not even include the Wolfe and Wimsey and Agatha Christie ebooks oh no

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Hey, man, I hope you realize that although we've known each other 3, 4 years now, I don't appreciate it that the first thing you say to me, to greet me when we meet after a long time is "Legs". Maybe you mean it as an off-hand remark but I hope you realize that I felt weird and violated because my name is not legs and fuck it are you a child have you never seen legs before? Maybe you also did not realize, though I hope you did, that my smile was a grimace, I did not greet you back, and I was ready to kick you in the nuts.

I don't get it, we're not even close, we barely say two words to one another, yet you're the only one to call me that. You're a cool guy, but that behavior was firmly on uncool territory. Like the Doctor calling Amy 'Legs' and River 'Mrs. Robinson' in that one Moffat episode (I almost barfed at that because WHY WOULD THE DOCTOR SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT).

My father is the only guy allowed to comment if I wear something short because he is my father alright.


In other news, yesterday was fun! It was great to see AME people again. Got to bond with old mems and new mems alike. Also after 10 months of waiting, I finally have my diploma!
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I have an exam scheduled for an HR post at IBM tomorrow. The call woke me up this morning and I was groggy and a bit confused and I think the phone screener was a bit confused herself. I just wish my faculties would be in peak condition by tomorrow morning.

Speaking of which, I do not have the slightest idea how to get to Eastwood. I'm just, I don't know, I'M GOING TO FUCKING WING IT!

Holy crap I'm really excited/anxious/nervous and I suck at interviews in general because I never could remember anything particularly interesting to relate. I have the mind of a goldfish when it comes to personal or social experiences: in one ear, out the other.

Anyway, wish me luck! I hope I do well, and that I don't figure in any accidents because it's Friday the 13th.

If I could get a job for my birthday it would be the awesomest thing ever.
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Happy New Year to everybody!

I know I've neglected everything of mine online this past few months, thus I've been trying to revive them. Let's start with some resolutions!

1. Get a job. I feel guilty bumming around my parents' house doing nothing at all, and I need to get out of the house more or risk being a full-fledged hikikomori. But before that, fix that resume first!

2. Connect with people. At the rate I'm going, I'll be the loneliest person in the world in five years. Not only have I ignored Facebook and LJ, I've left my phone un-charged for two weeks before Christmas. I'm a horrible friend and it's so hard to contact me most of the time so I need to put a lot of effort into it.

3. Draw, paint, write. It's sad that just when I have all the time in the world, I can't make use of it wisely. I need to sit down and make time for these creative pursuits. But let's make it more concrete! Two paintings/drawings a month should be okay.

4. Go out with friends. Shit, I'm beginning to feel like some grumpy old loser. Watch a movie, go to cons, don't fucking wimp out on parties, eat out, karaoke, dance, swim! I don't want to get to 30 without getting drunk even once. (Ok, that may not be such a good idea.)

5. Go to church more regularly. I've been through a lot religion-wise, but I think it's a good idea to reconnect with the spiritual.

2011 was a good year for my geek self. Here's to hoping 2012 would be a better one for my social and economic self :)

(My mother's crying over the Downton Abbey special I haven't watched yet haha. Also, holy moly Sherlock airs today! Ugh torrents torrents--)
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Found some old stuff.

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Feelin' a bit down lately.

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