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So, IRON MAN THREE! I saw it at the premiere the other night and wow, no words can describe how happy it made me. Iron Man is back with the A+ humor and fantastic special effects! This would mostly be a fangirling post, as I wrote this at 2 am this morning.

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Apr. 18th, 2013 15:39
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My brother surprised me last weekend by showing me the new trailer for Thief. I was ecstatic. Thief remains my most favorite game franchise ever, and after years of staring at that THI4F website, I'm so glad it's pulling through!

I first played Thief back in 2004, with Thief: Deadly Shadows. I loved it so much that I kept reinstalling and playing it again for some years afterwards (until I figured out I could download Thief Gold #medyo bad girl). TDP was made for Windows 98, the visuals were laughable, but I enjoyed it more than TDS, which, take note, I have downloaded mods for. The only game I did that with, except The Sims 2.

Garrett is the man ok. I had imprinted on Thief so badly that I never cared for the Assassin’s Creed games. I was an elitist bitch yeah, they're fundamentally different because killing is for amateurs. Anyway, Thief is my gold standard and it's so hard to compete with that.

So on to the good and bad points:

  • First person!
  • Square Enix makes pretty stuff
  • It's a Thief game after 9 years mein gott
  • Apparently it looks too much like Dishonored and I haven't played that
  • A detective mode? Like in Batman? A bit of a giveaway don’t ya think, part of Thief's charm is you have to search for the good loot, not let them shine bright like a diamond
  • Oh yeah TDP had the lootable stuff shining with bishounen sparkles
  • If so, maybe there's a toggle function to not use this
  • Stephen Russell's not voicing Garrett
  • IT'S ANOTHER REBOOT UGH how are they explaining Garrett’s zoom eye then?
  • I swear if there aren’t Pagans and Hammerites etc I will punch somebody else’s wall
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I don’t usually remember my dreams. I can count, on one hand, the dreams I can recall, three of those because I wrote a paper on dreams and my dream senses were probably heightened. The most recent one I remember had space and Barack Obama turning into an alien.

But the other night I dreamt of teeth again. I’ve had dreams about teeth maybe twice before, and they both felt scarily real. One has me standing in front of a mirror, my teeth falling into my hands as I struggle not to let them flush down the drain. The latest has me finding my teeth were all crooked, like something from a Walking Dead zombie, yellowed and cracked.

The strangest thing is, whenever this happens, my thoughts as I lay dreaming are mostly “Oh I have to go to the dentist again” as if falling yellow zombie teeth were quite normal stuff that happens every other year! It’s crazy how collected I am in those dreams, when in real life I would be freaking out because I hate dentists. I’d take hospitals and doctors any day, man, any day. Hospitals can be fun. Dentists. Can. Never. Be.

Another thing, I always wake up whenever I dream this. I wake up alarmed not just because it’s scary, but also because of a superstitious paranoia. See, old people around here say, that when you dream of teeth falling out, something bad would happen to somebody you love. And to counter it you’d have to bite a piece of living wood, not just any furniture, a living breathing piece of plant. I’m not taking any chances, so you can guess how many times I’ve ran out of my dorm, in the middle of the night, looking for a freaking tree/shrub/whatever to bite.

I looked it up once before, and I think they say teeth dreams may mean insecurity, uncertainty for something in the future. That may very well be, you know, because uncertainty is my default state nowadays, but I’m not much of a psychoanalyst to say it is so clearly.


I hope everyone had a good Easter holiday! I didn't accomplish anything at all, I just sat around catching up on series and playing video games. I haven't played in a long time, so that was nice. Basically:

- I saw three episodes of VIKINGS and that was a freaking mistake, I didn't need another fandom in my life huhuuu. It's about Vikings raiding the English coasts and taking church treasures and priests back home. All the Vikings are really hot tbh. Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) laughs at the face of anything, gosh I just love how he smiles even when they're in deep shit, and his wife, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is a badass shieldmaiden.spoilers! )

- Caught up to Broadchurch, all except the most recent one, David Tennant remains the light of my life, the journalists still infuriate me and I don't want Argus Filch to be the killer ugh

- Finished Spartacus S1 and everybody just keeps on dying whyy

- I watched Jesus Christ Superstar again last Good Friday, twice! Once with the music, and another with the commentaries on. I just really love that movie. Carl Anderson was wonderful and I can't help but agree with his Judas on things. He makes very good points, like how Jesus' followers were blind, with too much heaven on their minds; and the bottle of perfume! It's a source of endless frustration with me, because yes, I know that there'll always be poor in the world, but can we at least try to help them? Jesus I don't understand.

- Played Skyrim, I haven’t had that much fun with games in a while

- The worst thing about Borderlands 2 is I can’t randomly save and that sucks when my laptop decides to crash all the time, this never happens with Skyrim wtf am I doing wrong
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My dad had an appendectomy last week. He was in the hospital for around 3 days but he’s okay now, he’s been moving around and itching to drive like nothing happened. Thank god we have health insurance because the hospital bills were crazy. I mean, really? You’re just going to cut off a finger-size bit of the intestine that doesn’t have any recognizable function and the procedure doesn’t even take more than 30 minutes and you charge that much? I just don’t know. Not everyone can afford the price of health. And it’s sad.

I’d like to think that things would change this coming election but that’s idealistic. We can’t even pass a reproductive health bill without the Church harping on its immorality. Sometimes I love my country and sometimes I hate it so much, which is more often nowadays.


Also, I drew dragonnns! It's been so long since I last drew anything so I'm happy they came out pretty well. I was breaking in a new sketchbook haha.

Image Hosted by

I'm so excited about so many dragons: Game of Thrones is back on March 31, THERE ARE NEW DESOLATION OF SMAUG BEHIND THE SCENES OMG THRANDUIL AND LEGOLAS, aaand the Trese thing I may or may not be drawing.

'Til later, guys :))
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I really really love my LJ theme, it's so clean and white and blue and I want something like it as my DW theme too but I can't find any like it haha.

Does anybody know where I can find some? :))
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Bit of a life update or something:

My housemates are really pissing me off. They’re relatively new, compared to three of us who’ve been living here for about 3-4 years and know each other’s piss-off buttons and the like. But I don’t think that’s any excuse because they’ve been here more than six months already.

We hardly talk to each other, but we share a bathroom, and if there’s one thing I’m really obsessive about, it’s bathroom cleanliness. Seriously, if and when I get my own place, everywhere is gonna be a mess of paper and take-out, except the bathroom and the sink. I keep the bathroom clean. I don’t even wait for the landlady to come and clean, I clean the floor, the walls, the bowl, everything, because I can’t stand a dirty bathroom.

probably TMI )


Books I’ve read, recently (there are SPOILERS):

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Philip K. Dick. Rick Deckard is a bounty hunter. He hunts androids, or “andys”, who escape to Earth from the Martian colony, and retires them. Stuff happens and he has to hunt down 6 of the new Nexus-type brains, armed only with the Voigt-Kampff empathy scale to differentiate the android from the human. The story inspired films such as Blade Runner and Total Recall.

There’s a lot of interesting material in this story. First is the silence. Most of the people on Earth have gone on to live on Mars to escape the dust, which apparently causes brain damage and even death in the long run. One character lives alone in an apartment building outside the city, and when he turns off the TV, the surrounding silence threatens to engulf him, like something alive. I think I read an experiment somewhere, of a room that does not absorb sound, and that people can’t stay there for long for fear of going mad. We don’t usually give thought to the background sounds of everyday life, but imagine if there wasn’t anything left. What would happen?

Another was the lack of empathy in androids. Basically, these androids look just the same as human beings, and you wouldn’t know if he/she was an android at all unless you test them. The androids in Do Androids Dream can feel, emotions like panic and fear and even happiness. But they fail to empathize with other living things and that’s their defect. There’s a really chilling scene where they find a spider (animals/insects of all kinds are endangered) and proceed to cut off its legs, because they were curious what it needs eight legs for.

The thing is, you want to root for the andys, because they’re fleeing from slavery in another planet. But then, Dick shows you how different they are from real human beings, how screwed up they are, and how they can never be like us. The problem is, as said in the book, there is a percentage of people, real people, who cannot feel empathy, and the test can’t distinguish from that. You’ll only find out after you’ve shot them.

I personally prefer my androids developing personalities and feelings in the long run. Like David in AI. The andys here, however having personalities and rudimentary feelings, are treated as the other because they don’t have that human trait, empathy. And this lack of empathy makes it okay to hunt you down. David from Prometheus is a good example of this cerebral, sentient being. And HAL9000 too, of course.

Rating: 7/10, would recommend to anyone who likes androids and those wanting to watch Blade Runner. I understood that movie so much more afterwards.

The War of the Worlds, HG Wells. Cylinders fall from Mars and in it are Martians set to conquer the world. The events are seen through the eyes of an ordinary 19th century philosopher/professor and involves a lot of hiding and running from the Martians using dog carts and horses.

One thing I realized after reading it through, was that it can be read as a colonial/imperialist metaphor. I’m not sure about Wells’ stand on this but considering England, 1890s, British Empire, I think it’s safe to say that he was well aware of it. If so, the Martians are the imperialists, and the human race is the colonized country.

For example, the artilleryman, friend of the narrator, imagines a possible future with the Martians in charge. They won’t kill everybody, just enough to make a point. And the remaining peoples will flourish with the Martians, who would fatten them up (for food, the Martians drink men’s blood), and use them for entertainment, like pets. And soon enough, these people would forget everything before the coming of the Martians and be satisfied with the way things were. Sounds very colonialist, doesn’t it?

But, the major difference with this and real life is, the Martians are defeated. By bacteria and pathogens native to our soil. Because apparently they don’t have that in Mars. I would argue that it’s different from the way it worked IRL, because the coming of the conquistadors brought and spread diseases from which the native populations had no immunity against. Like the case with the Maya, and the Aztecs, and other peoples around the globe. I haven’t heard of any case where the conquerors fall prey to the diseases of the native land, although there may be a few. Here's a lecture on it if you're interested, I'm still downloading it though, I'll listen later.

EDIT: There are cases of the opposite! Like apparently, syphilis, for example. Still, that did not decimate the colonialist populations like smallpox and measles, though.

They don’t have that in Mars, bollocks. Of course they have bacteria. And the more probable ending would be a worldwide Martian plague bringing the planet to its knees. But yeah, it’s a scifi story, I concede anything could happen.

Rating: 6/10, if only for the hilariousness of the 1890s people and general mass hysteria. +1 because it made me cry a bit on the THUNDER CHILD chapter. Yeah, go read.

I am halfway through The Great Gatsby and it’s really great. It’s my first time reading this bc I’m not American, though.

PS: Habemus Papam Franciscum! Yeah.

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Ok I haven't posted anything on the komiks tag for a long time and I guess now that DC pulling some shit again, it's the perfect time for something else!


Image Hosted by

I found a link to the original 1950s DARNA! works by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Redondo! THANK GOOD HEAVENS MY DARNA STAN IS SHOWING ITS BRILLIANT COLORS ONCE AGAIN!!


The series is in Filipino though, I don't think it's ever been translated. But wow! Thanks a lot to Video 48, they are the best, they have pre-war and post-war Filipino films too, they are the LITERAL BEST OK

This almost erases my feels from DC's fuckery, almost. At least I still have DARNA! to hold on to, my lovely.

KAWILI-WILI AT HINDI MASAGWA. Omg this should be on every comic book ever made omg.
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So at least my workmate is a decent human being and offered to have it fixed, thank god. The viruses are gone, and most of the files were salvaged. But there's still like 20GB unaccounted for and I can't remember what's missing? Hmm, if I can't remember it then probably it's not that important?

My brother's flying to South Korea tomorrow for an exchange program. That's a WHOLE YEAR he's going to spend in Korea! I'm real jealous and I'm actually gonna miss him because he's like, one of the handful of people I talk to in real life. He's a film major, and I like movies, and we talk about movies a lot. He's also my theater buddy.

Lastly, I read the WORST NEWS this morning and wow, it just ruined everything. I hate DC and Grant Morrison and this was a pretty cheap move. I'm going to elaborate on this later when I'm not really angry and unspeakably sad.
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I’m not sure if you know, but I’m a huge fan of detective fiction, especially of the classic ones, and I’ll grab any chance to talk about them, forgive me. And I’ve recently read Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, so I thought I’d post my thoughts on it.

Btw, I read it as a part of Volume I of Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories (Bantam Classics, ISBN 0-553-21241-9). A great book, although it doesn’t have any of Sidney Paget’s illustrations, so I’ll have to work on finding copies with those. It’s not a strict I-have-to-finish-it-asap-to-get-to-the-next-book deal – I’d pick it up on slow days, or whenever I feel like it, one story at a time. I must have taken a couple of months to finish the Memoirs. (SH is totally my leisure read, I love it so much). Anyway, onwards!

inside are the first ten stories! )

The Final Problem. We come to the last story, actually the one I want to talk about. For some reason, I read the Empty House, the story wherein Holmes comes back from the dead, and the 1970s published fanfiction, The Seven-Percent Solution before I read The Final Problem. And I was incredibly underwhelmed.

spoilers and complaints about the final problem )

This is nearly novel-length but I still have some bottled up Sherlock feelings so I’ll be talking about the new episodes of Elementary too. This will be short I promise!

episodes 13-15 omg i can't take sherlock and watson's cuteness )

I don’t think I ever talked about my love for Nero Wolfe ever? I’ll probably talk about him next time.
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Sometimes, I think maybe I should spend my money on something else, other than books. But then something whispers, "What else is there besides books?", and I promptly forget I even thought of that until my next bout with self-doubt.

I got my paycheck the other day, and proceeded to spend it in the most rewarding way possible - in a bookstore! I've been thinking about buying Tolkien for a while now (and returning the LoTR I borrowed to its rightful owner), but I couldn't decide between a) a box set of The Hobbit + separate books of the trilogy, or b) The Hobbit (illustrated by Alan Lee) and a single volume edition LoTR.

I mean, a) is a box set, and box sets are pretty, they look real nice together, but b) has ALAN LEE ILLUSTRATIONS and LoTR in a single volume as Tolkien wanted it to be.

Ah, yes, I was leaning towards the latter. I have The Hobbit as illustrated by Alan Lee now and it's really very pretty!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Also picked up Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietschze. That day was a really good day, because my copy of The Sound of Music was finally returned! Now my rainy days will be filled with music and joy againnnnn~

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