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out of the night that covers me

I haven't been updating at all lately huh? That's kinda sad, and lazy, of me but the main reason is that I found myself preferring to write on actual paper, like how I've done from elementary to high school. It's nice. I like the privacy of a diary that only I could read. Plus, I could actually practice coloring and drawing there, and it's the most I've drawn since like, 2010 and APH.

Here's a couple of pages!

I wish I could write a short thing for TABI PO because it's so amazing. Also, has anybody seen THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2, because I wasn't really going to watch it but then Dane DeHaan's face happened and I kinda want to watch it for the pretty Harry Osborn...

Dane DeHaan aka that dude from Chronicle (2012)
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IHU HDU be good at writing and drawing it's so unfair.

HUHU TABI PO. It's so amazing I can't. I hope V02 comes out soon! And that it's got new chapters that haven't been released online.