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Comment, and I will pick 6 of your interests for you to talk about.

[personal profile] ein_papier picked out: artificial intelligence, old movies, james potter, starships, philippine mythology, basketball

Artificial Intelligence
Oh man what do I not love about AIs. Just the concept of creating a sentient being out of a bunch of metal and software is more than interesting, it's godlike. And it's crazy.

I'm partial to robots/AI who develop personalities and human(?) emotions and make connections to their flesh and blood friends, like in the movie AI. Man, I loved that movie to bits as a kid, and I still do! I love the dynamics of an artificial being specifically created for one purpose, uprooted from that purpose and forced to find a way to survive life, and find another "purpose", which is a very human thing, I think, to go in search of oneself.

That said, I also love my strange, calculating, "other" AIs, like David 8 from Prometheus and especially HAL9000 from 2001 A Space Odyssey. And the bunch of andys from Blade Runner! They are so separate from the human concept of emotions, plus you never know what they're thinking! There's a cold arrogance in them, in that they believe they're superior to their human creators (the deadpan voice works wonders in here).

Now I want an AU where David from AI "grows" up or is forcibly grown up to become David 8 in Prometheus lol

Old Movies
I took a film history class in college where we watched black and white films and I found them really charming. (We also saw Birth of A Nation and I regret that racist bullshit even now.) My favorites include:
- Akira Kurosawa samurai films - Shichinin no Samurai and Rashomon in particular, Akahige is great too
- Tokyo Monogatari is a really heartbreaking postwar Japan movie about an old couple visiting their children in Tokyo
- Jeux Interdits (Forbidden Games) is wartime France in children's eyes, and IT HURTS
- Hitchcock (Vertigo and Rear Window)
- I'm not sure if Death in Venice (1971) is old enough but I love it to bits too

James Potter
I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT JAMES POTTER but I'll try to keep it short. My main concern is the lack of backstory regarding his character and his relationship with Lily. We only see them interacting like once, and not in a good way. I want to know their love story. Plus I really don't like Snape/Lily as I believe it unhealthy, and I especially don't like it when James gets dismissed as a thorn in that love story, the bully that makes Snape's life miserable. (There's probably some discussion re: Snape woobiefying required here but that's another story.) It's true, he IS. He was a bully. But the point is that he changed, whereas Snape, who is also a bully, did not. When did he change? Probably around the time the joke went too far and he saved Snape's life. Snape continued to be a bully the rest of his life and is even the WORST fear of one of his students. Snape's a great character, but he is not a really likable person.

Anyway, these posts may probably make more sense than I do.
Reasons Why I Don't Think James Potter Bullied Snape
Why I Can NOT Ship Snape/Lily Canonically
What do you think people get wrong about Severus Snape?

Yeah I'm just real protective of James is all

This ties in with my interest in science fiction nowadays. Self-sufficient mini-planets warping through time and space? Hell yeah count me in. I was playing Dead Space some days ago, and that whole game is situated inside a planet-cracker ship and you get to play through the different decks and it's amazingly detailed. And yeah, I consider the TARDIS a starship.

Starships are important characters in their own rights, and it's always interesting how the crew value them so much, because they're home. (My favorite ship would be the Bebop oh my so many stories and feelings inside that one.)

Philippine Mythology
I'm not the expert I'd like to be, because it's incredibly diverse, like every island has it's own pantheon of gods different from each other. I'm primarily interested in the monsters, the creatures that lurk in the shadows and scare the shit out of the children. Philippine speculative fiction borrows highly from this, it's Neil Gaiman-ish but it works!

My favorite is the kapre - giant apelike creatures that hang out on trees smoking huge pipes and confusing the people who happen to pass by. Sometimes they're benevolent wise guys and sometimes they're not. Mostly they just chill with the hash.

Some primers: 1 2

The Philippines is crazy about basketball. I wish I was joking, but this island nation of short guys go loco over a game of heights. It's crazy! The PBA predates the NBA by some years, and there are basketball rings in every corner, I swear. The recent NBA Final drew record ratings, probably higher than recent boxing fights.

My father's a huge fan, and I grew up knowing who this or that player is, and shooting hoops whenever I feel like it. He used to coach for the village league, and as none of my brothers are enthusiastic about basketball, it has fallen on me to be. I used to be so into it back in high school. I know all the rules and it's probably the only sport I understand completely.

I don't really care much about it now though, but I still read up stuff about it. This book is pretty good!!!

Date: 2013-06-29 16:48 (UTC)
ein_papier: Gwen by window, pink-ish (Gwen)
From: [personal profile] ein_papier
giant apelike creatures that hang out on trees smoking huge pipes and confusing the people who happen to pass by - that is an awesome mythical creature. Thank you for the links.

I never thought of how Snape almost dying might have been the tipping point to James, that makes sense. I felt pretty sorry for Snape (I think I might have written off James after Order of Phoenix regardless of all the good we know of him, except Harry's "what do you mean he was young I'm that age!" immediately destroyed any lasting anger), but there's really no way Lily was obligated to act differently; she doesn't exist for his comfort!

I like what you say about Artificial Intelligence and Starships.

I really want to watch Rashomon sometime.

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