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Fandom update:

Finally caught up with Elementary episode 12, “M”! And it might just be my favorite episode so far! Cut for spoilers!

- Episode summary: A serial killer Sherlock knew back in London, “M”, has reappeared in New York. Much is revealed about Sherlock and Irene Adler’s relationship, and we find out that Irene was one of the 37 M has murdered. Sherlock seeks revenge, but instead finds that M may not have been Irene’s killer, and that they were both being played by somebody called Moriarty. Meanwhile, the six weeks of Joan Watson’s companionship is coming to an end and the two of them has to come to terms with it.

- So I guess they took the “late” in the late Irene Adler literally on this one. When Sherlock said she died back in E07, I wasn’t expecting her to be a victim of Moriarty’s games, because it’s too reminiscent of the Game of Shadows (2011) movie. Nevertheless, I liked how they tied it up, because it provides us a background on Sherlock’s spiral to abuse and addiction.

Sherlock was working the “M” case; they’d been together seven months and Irene was different from other women. Perhaps he got too close, things got personal and Irene was killed by “M”. Sherlock crashed; he began to take all kinds of drugs, opiates, etc, just to stay awake for weeks on end. By M’s 36th victim, he was, in his own words, was useless to the police.

- It’s a bit iffy that Irene’s death is used as a plot device to further Sherlock’s dark past development, though. Somebody mentioned women in refrigerators? Plus, it feels too much like Red John from the Mentalist.

- The Baker Street (or should it be New York) Irregulars!!

- I was spoiled that the titular “M” was Sebastian Moran, but I still squealed when they revealed his name. He is an assassin employed by Moriarty under the cover of being a deranged serial killer (who writes correspondence to police ala Jack the Ripper and has a particular fondness for Arsenal). Moriarty threw him under the bus for his own twisted reasons, probably to screw with Sherlock. I must say, it’s a fantastic way of introducing the Moriarty character. We don’t see his face nor hear his voice, but we can feel him pulling the threads, mmm. I’m quite concerned with Moran’s statement that Moriarty was obsessed with Sherlock. I do hope he doesn’t turn out like BBC Sherlock’s Moriarty... I mean Andrew Scott was brilliant, but I had trouble believing he’s an omniscient criminal genius…

- Sherlock was going to torture him with bees. That certainly is a very creative way of utilizing a hive, cheers.

- Once again, I just love how Joan doesn’t take any of Sherlock’s crap, especially when his behavior becomes self-destructive. I also love how she can trust Captain Gregson and the police department for help because they’re actually competent. (Although if you were staking a house with a rear door, why wouldn’t you put somebody at the back?)

- Sherlock repeating Joan’s words back to her, because he actually listens. And perhaps because they are fitting. “I’m gonna miss this. Maybe not this, so much. But this. Working with you. I think what you do is amazing.” Also, JLM’s acting is so good I can feel the pain ;____;

- Joan’s emails are suspiciously addressed to M. Holmes. Now if that is not an overt reference to Mycroft, I may have to rethink my life. Also, she’s not leaving anymore!

- All in all, a solid episode, great Moriarty intro (who will they cast as Moriarty I want to know!), Joan is a good investigator in her own right, Sherlock speaks formal English even when about to torture someone, Irene’s back story. All I want for this show is better casting, cases that are not murders, and bring Alfredo the sponsor back!

Finished the last two episodes of Merlin S3 last weekend. I used to be really into this, and now it’s coming back because it has ended. I rewatched some parts of S1 too because it’s been a long time.

- I was screaming at the finale “Does nobody else know Merlin’s a wizard aakdfsjdlf?? I thought Gwaine knew? Wasn’t it him?” It was Lancelot who knew, thank god.

- Watching S1 was painful because Arthur and Morgana were flirting and I was so embarrassed for them because they didn’t know they were acting out a Luke and Leia pseudo-incest thing at all.

- Aw Gwen and Merlin were so cute, she’s so smitten, he’s so dense haha.

- Why can’t things have stayed like this? I just want them all to be happy. I want Morgana to be happy, look at how happy she was back then. THIS PAIN IS REAL DD: /throws self off a cliff
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