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Yesterday’s book sale trip was pretty slow, I only got two books, one of which I’ve already read.

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I lost my Earthsea book four years ago(?) at my first dormitory and I haven’t read it since. Looking forward to reading Ged again! I used to be so into this, but now I barely remember anything… I also have Tehanu at home, which I haven’t read yet because I don’t have The Farthest Shore.

Lucked out on Geoffrey of Monmouth! Very fitting since I recently continued watching Merlin.

In other news, I saw Les Miserables at yesterday’s opening night! What can I say? I thought it was FANTASTIC!

But I’ve a feeling that unfamiliar viewers may not enjoy it as much as fans do, because it’s quite long, and there are parts which can be boring. I mean, if you don’t like this type of music, you probably won’t like it. But since my bro and I are huge suckers for this, we ate it up like ravenous wolves etc etc.

- Almost everybody acquitted themselves well. I hate to speak ill of anybody, but why in the hell is Russell Crowe in this? Uhm, the nicest thing I can say is that there’s something missing in his Javert. Maybe I was looking for more force? I love Stars. It’s my favorite song in the musical, and it never fails to send chills up my spine, but ehh… it was just ok. It didn’t blow me away like Phillip Quast and Norm Lewis did. Loved the imagery of the number, though, Javert up high, looking over Paris, judging all of you and your aunts, with this huge-ass eagle gargoyle thing at his back. Also, I loved The Confrontation. Wolverine vs. the Gladiator! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??!

- I liked Hugh Jackman’s Bring Him Home, but I liked it better at the reprise when he was dying. He made me cry a bit there. Fine piece of acting, that.

- Anne was beautiful and her I Dreamed a Dream was one of the most painful renditions I’ve heard (coupled with her acting, of course).

- I didn’t understand what kind of accent Sacha Baron Cohen was doing? Was that French? He and Helena Bonham Carter were hilarious.

- The audience was really amused by Marius’ lovesick-puppy antics, especially during Red and Black where he was arguing with Enjolras haha.

- Speaking of Marius, I was pleasantly surprised by Eddie Redmayne! I’ve such high standards for Mariuses because of Michael Ball, and the first thing I look for in a Marius is how he performs the awkward introduction moment in A Heart Full of Love. I must say, he nailed it! His Empty Chairs at Empty Tables was lovely too. The emotions!!!

- Another thing on Marius, after everything, wouldn’t you think he’d be too shell-shocked to carry on a relationship with Cosette (whom he barely even knows!). All his friends, and I mean, ALL, just died, leaving him the only survivor. Certainly there’ll be guilt issues right there, he couldn’t have gotten over them after one song… ( I realize that that the Cosette/Marius angle happens differently in the book. I should start reading!!)

- GAVROCHE’S DEATH! Oh god. And the scene where Javert pins a medal on the boy’s corpse – considering it was Gavroche who blew his cover and almost got him killed – I legit cried.

- Sam Barks as Eponine shone as well!

- Colm Wilkinson, who originated the role of Valjean, as the Bishop. It was rather fitting, and a very very nice homage, that he reappears to welcome Valjean to heaven. Well played, monsieur, well played.

- Enjolras dying with Grantaire, check!

People clapped and cheered and somebody even shouted “Bravo!” afterwards, which was reassuring, because (I love doing that and) nobody clapped when I saw The Hobbit. Sigh. Anyway, when the credits came, applauses were for Hugh, Anne, Sacha and Helena. I clapped for everyone (even Russell), especially for Colm haha. It was nice because the audience was appreciative, truly, the best way to see this film is with Les Mis fans.

We met some of my brother’s film friends, and they started chatting about how it was a very Tom Hooper film, etc. All I know is that it had a lot of long takes, close ups, and too much 45 degree diagonal shots.

Another thing, my pride as a Les Mis fan was injured when the guy next to me wouldn’t stop crying for the whole of the second act?? By the end, he was positively sobbing and I only teared up a couple of times? Maybe watching/listening to it too much has desensitized me already??? ( I think if it was Alfie Boe with Bring Him Home I could have sobbed like that too, maybe.)
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