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So what if Harry Potter was an anime? Jeff posted this at FB.

1. Fred and George Weasley. WTFFF HOMOBAIT! Fred and George = Hitachiin twins, even the parting of the hair! The books described the twins as shorter (and possibly stockier) than Ron, kinda like Charlie's build... but the Phelps twins cemented Fred and George for me, despite their tallness, because their expressions and the way they acted were WIN. Speaking of which, FRED’S GONNA DIE SOON. TEARDUCTS BE READY. So basically, I'm fine with tall twins <3 Just lay off the blatant homoerotic stuff, it's too much for my poor heart.

2. Luna Lovegood. LUNA IS MY FAVORITE. Aside from Dumbly, that is, because he tops. But ever since she appeared at the fifth book, I totally shipped her with Harry. While all my high school friends were shipping Cho/Harry, I stuck by my belief that they are perfect for each other. I still do, because I don't believe JK's epilogue lol. I mean, all their little scenes, in OotP?? With the thestrals, about the curtain, her eccentricities and the roaring lion's head, I LOVE HER SO MUCH OK. My love for her far exceeds my love for Alexandra Trese, who kicks aswang ass and is my next fave girl chara. By the end of the 7th book, when JK finalized Harry/Ginny (to my utter disappointment), I wanted her with Dean. Because of that scene! At the Room of Requirement! Where Dean says "Come on, Luna" and holds out his hand! And she takes it! Rainbows were streaming from my mouth I swear. But no, JK just has to destroy my dreams and marry her off to Newt Scamander's son, whom nobody's ever heard of.

Btw, Luna looks real good here. I especially love the eyes and the tights although I think the hair should be paler (dirty blond) :DD

3. Ronald Weasley. HIS PANTS. HIS PANTS ARE FOUR INCHES SHORT. PERFECT. THIS RON IS PERFECT. Sometimes it’s hard to like Ron because of his jealous tendencies, and his huge load of insecurities. I never really thought much about him, actually – just Harry’s best friend, Harry’s mate, Harry’s right hand. I’d have loved to explore more of Ron’s individuality, but I guess there’s a reason the books are named Harry Potter lol. Ron has his own spark of genius, and bravery, coupled with madass comic timing, he can be very likeable when he’s over himself. I want to wrench him away from Harry’s shadow, and build a history of his own, because he’s awesome and funny the way he is. (But then of course JK had to make them both Aurors, what’s the point? I mean, Harry’s gonna be the Head Auror however you look at it) Wow. I never knew I felt this much passion about Ron, the unsung hero of the trio.

4. Harry Potter. Easily the most boring of the bunch LOL This is pretty much how everybody thinks Harry looks like - thin, glasses, messy hair, shorter than Ron. In my head canon, Harry's the typical nice, quiet kid - even too nice, actually. He's like Thailand, a buffer state, between the more volatile moods of Ron and Hermione. When he's not bursting his top and screaming in capslock, that is. By golly in the fifth book it seemed like he was screaming half the time. I like his evolution, his flaws (saving-people thing wtfff), his arrogance, the hero complex. He’s one messed up kid! Being locked in a cupboard under the stairs must have its consequences. It makes him (more) real though. As real as somebody who survives three Killing Curses can be.

5. Hermione Granger. THIS IS NOT HOW I IMAGINE MOINE WHY IS SHE A LOLI. She's notttt. She looks like Taiga here. And why is Ginny taller than her? They should be about the same! She even looks younger than Ginny wtf. I have high respect for Hermione Granger, because she's the best witch there ever was. Without her, Harry would be dead from Snape's poison back in Book 1. And-and-and, I absolutely love their friendship - that DH 1 scene which some hated for not being part of the book, their dance scene - I think it was very effective, because they never really showed how good friends Harry and Hermione are. It makes me wanna tear up right now boohoo. It’s why I never shipped Harry/Hermione. It just doesn’t work for me. I think they love each other in their own, platonic, brother-sisterly ways, and that’s more than enough for me.

6. Ginny Weasley. I like Ginny here and her socks <3 The thing with Ginny is, as lovely as Bonnie is in the movies, I don't like how they portray her there. Especially that tying-Harry's-shoes-thing in HBP and the zip-me-up scene in DH. WHY DO YOU MAKE HER A SIREN U GUYS. Growing up with 6 older brothers? She has got to be a tomboy. And her prowess in Quidditch proves that. (After the books she did a stint with the Holyhead Harpies owo) Oh. Oh, ok. I remember her string of boyfriends clearly now. Ok, so maybe they did have a point. Sometimes, I get to thinking: Harry must have an Oedipus complex! Because look at Ginny and how she resembles Lily, come on.

7. Neville Longbottom. Oh, Neville. Sweet, brave, loyal Neville. Lord Voldemort lost a worthy rival when he chose Harry Potter over you. You’re the one who grew so beautifully – from the little boy deathly afraid of Snape, to the young man leading the resistance against said headmaster. For all Draco Malfoy’s taunts against you, you’re worth ten times more than him. Ah, I still cry like a baby when I read how you pulled Gryffindor’s sword out of the hat (however contrived the arrival of reinforcements is – suddenly centaurs, house elves and townspeople – what is this LOTR?). It’s one of my most favorite scenes (along with Fleur and Bill after Greyback ;___; Fleur is so judged.) I give my love to you, Professor Longbottom.

8. Draco Malfoy. HE LOOKS LIKE TOM FELTON TOO MUCH. I’m fascinated by this creature. On one hand, he’s snotty, arrogant, elitist, and freaking cowardly. He’s like the personification of everything a rich kid bully could be. But then again, on the other hand, he seems to genuinely love his family, and he’s ready to do anything for their protection. The Malfoys are weird. Draco’s the product of a twisted family home. With twisted family values LOL And centuries of inbreeding (how else could they still be purebloods). Maybe they’re just really selfish like that, with no real conviction and just thinking of themselves. But in the end, Harry got saved by this “love”, so IDK. Ok, I still kind of respect how they really love each other but that doesn’t stop Draco from being the two-faced bastard that he is.


9. Regulus Black. Eh, I don’t really know much about Regulus, except that he’s the good sheep (to Sirius’ black sheep) and that he joined the Death Eaters and then got cold feet and tried to destroy a Horcrux. Anyway. He looks like a carbon-copy Sirius here (which he could be). I always imagined him slighter, shorter in built, because he’s a Seeker, like Harry, and Seekers are light.

10. Severus Snape. HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS SNAPE??? This one is like, the weirdest of all character studies WTF. WHY IS HE SO PRETTY? HE SHOULDN’T BE PRETTY! He’s supposed to be oily and greasy and snivelly lol, with an oversized, hooked nose! And he should at least be as tall as James! When he’s drawn like this I can’t help seeing James/Snape and I don’t like it OMGGG. ACTUALLY I CAN SEE EVERYBODY/SNAPE HE’S SO UKE. It shouldn’t be like that. He’s only slightly taller than Lily when she was looking up to his thin, sallow face in Book 7. THIS IS NOT SNAPE I DENY IT.

Ok, longer Snape ranting here. So, I like the 7th book for a lot of reasons. But it’s also the book I dislike the most for a lot other reasons. One of these is SNAPE/LILY. I get where this comes from, and the charm of the long-suffering best friend in love with the girl who likes the big Quidditch hero. In a lot other books, it would end with the best friend getting the girl. But they didn’t here, and the best friend only got as far as longing. The reason I don’t support Snape/Lily is because I feel, for my part, that what he felt for Lily wasn’t love – more of an obsession. It’s said in the books – the way he looks at Lily – it’s not affection or care; it’s greed and hunger. He’s also very hypocritical, calling every Muggle-born Mudblood except her. Perhaps his biggest downfall is his fascination with the Dark Arts, it’s just something Lily can never accept. Perhaps he did love her, even after she died, and perhaps it’s his one big redemption. But enough about Snape ok, he may be the bravest man Harry’s ever known but he’s not really likeable.

11. Remus Lupin. Pretty much more-or-less Lupin, all right. But he could be shabbier, sicklier – this one just shines you know. I think he’s a really interesting character, and I’d so love to read how he became friends with James and Sirius (well, we know those two got on since the train ride). And I’m curious about the werewolf underground too! I still LOL every time I read his moment of weakness in DH. And I was very glad they didn’t film it. Oh yeah, once and for all, I dislike Remus/Sirius ok. Just. NO. The Marauders just have a beautiful friendship ok?

12. James Potter. One of my biggest regrets in the HP books is that as they go on, they seem to paint James in an uglier and uglier light. From 1, he was a war hero – then at 3 a troublemaker – then at 5 an arrogant toerag – then at 7 still an arrogant toerag. I mean, I get it. He’s not like Harry and his humble beginnings – he’s a spoiled child, pureblood, arrogant bully, probably rich like the Malfoys too, great at Quidditch, hasn’t known hardships, practically loved by everybody. Very different from Snape too. But there must be more to him than that side alone, else Lily wouldn’t have loved him. I wanna see their love story. I like James, and it makes me sad that he’s unexplored. BLASTED SNAPE/LILY GTFO.

13. Sirius Black. For the longest time I was in love with this jerk. He’s a bad boy who drives a flying motorcycle, duh, the stuff teenage dreams are made of. In fanfiction he’s almost always a manwhore, which I really don’t believe. In the books, girls were ogling him everywhere (even in OWLS) AND HE DOESN’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK. If he was a slut he’d be winking at them nonstop like Gilderoy Lockhart. Therefore he must be really dense or gay or he just doesn’t care ok. He’s too cool for school.

In my mind, Sirius is the boy who never grew up, he’s Peter Pan. He’s reckless, immature, and he almost always mistakes Harry for James. (Mrs. Weasley said it’s like having his best friend again. Ok, now, I’m overcome with emotion – James’ death must have been devastating ;_______; If there was to be any pairing it should only be Sirius/James Ohhhh, their love, boohoo…) 12 years in Azkaban, treasuring old memories, fighting to stay alive, he’s shown an amazing strength of character that makes me love him all the more. I’ve harbored secret wishes for Harry to live with Sirius, and then they’ll mend each other’s broken lives, shattered hearts, like only a warm, loving family can. But then he died. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT I’M REALLY CRYING ALL THESE EMOTIONS AAAAAA

(I went on crying for some minutes LOOOOOLWTF) Anyway, Marauders’ Era was the 1960s so it could only mean THEY SHOULD HAVE BEATLES HAIRRRRR

14. Peter Pettigrew. The traitor. The Iscariot. Judas, Judaaas, Judas, Judaaas. He who gave a kiss deadlier than any dementor’s. If there was one character I wish would DIAF, it would be Wormtail. He’s a rat. Makes perfect sense that he’d rat out his friends’ locations to the Enemy. I wonder why he turned out that way? So is their friendship at school nothing to him? Was he perhaps, jealous at James’ prowess and that served as a catalyst for him turning to the Dark Side? Or was there darkness in his heart long before he met and became friends with the three? It’s sad that beautiful friendships should end like this.

15. Lily Evans. SHE KNEW ABOUT REMUS. In my headcanon. They were both prefects and really close friends too, because Remus is a sweet, sick, young dear and Lily is a mother hen. Lily’s smart, so she probably figured it out, after all the theories Snape had. Anyway, I think she looks like Ginny, except with green eyes (so Harry might actually see his mother in her lol). Again, I wanna hear her story with James, because it does seem like the only passion she feels for him is hatred. If JK decides to write a Marauder book (which I highly doubt), THEN I WOULD BE FIRST IN LINE TOO MUCH TOO MUCH. Hmm, but maybe it’s better to leave it to the readers’ imagination (STAR WARS I’M LOOKING AT YOU LOL). I enjoy Marauders’ Era fanfiction in modest amounts.

16. Lucius Malfoy. LUCIUS YOU ARE SO HOT AND PERFECT JUST SO. DON’T CHANGE BBY. Also, Lucius was a prefect when everybody else (except Reg) was a first year, so he probably shouldn’t be there, he graduated already. AAAAH JASON ISAACS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

HP is such a huge part of my life, it's crazy. I remember when I used to pray every night for a Hogwarts letter. By the age of 9, I was having internal religious schism because I wanted to be a witch but then any kind of witchcraft was against the First Commandment. Like I said, crazy.

Date: 2011-05-10 20:39 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Holy crap, I never thought I'd find anyone else who can post a HP fanart pic and then launch into a full-blown character analysis. I laughed so much, I cried a bit because you went on about Fred dying and Sirius brooding in Azkaban, accused of the murder of his best buddy/boyfriend and I'm emotional like that, and now my fingers are itching to grab the nearest Potter and do some reading INSTEAD OF WRITING A 20-PAGE ESSAY LIKE I SHOULD. Damn you. :D

And I sign almost everything except that Ron has always been my favorite because I have a soft spot for insensitive jerks, gingers, and sidekicks shadowed by their best friends. ♥ Even though I wanted to strangle him a couple of times, I actually screamed HELL YEAH and did a little victory dance when he reappeared in DH and pulled the Boy Who Almost Drowned from the water.

Date: 2011-05-11 14:35 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It needed to be done! We were discussing it at facebook but then all these stuff were still running through my head and I had to let them all out. Especially that about Sirius and James and Harry, because I love them so much and everything is so tragic. But then OMG YOU SHOULD FINISH THAT ESSAY FIRST I know it's really hard, but control yourself!

Aw, I love Ron too, but sometimes I just want to slam a door on his face over and over (esp. during his love-hate quarrels with Hermione D< Ron you are such a jerk). Duuude, what I love in DH was him opening the Chamber of Secrets! Pure genius, I say, pure genius.

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