Jan. 13th, 2014

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Happy New Year! A bit late greeting as it’s thirteen days past but the feeling’s still there, guys, I believe it is. (Also, I had Internet problems haha). You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much, and that’s a pity, but there’s something daunting in actually sitting down to write a journal entry… I don’t know. I feel like I can’t be as silly here like I get in tumblr, especially. It’s like I actually have to write in complete sentences and correct punctuation, holla. But yeah, enough musing and let’s get to some stuff that happened during the holidays!

So basically I got a 13-day Christmas break from work, due to overlapping national holidays and my boss’ frequent leaves from work. That’s almost two weeks and wow. What have I done with that? I could’ve travelled or something but I didn’t, I did things not as physically exciting but ultimately pretty fulfilling I gotta say.

I read. I read like hell. I finished three books in a 13-day period which is not bad for me! And I’m halfway through another one about monks killing monks. Very exciting! I missed reading so much. Plus, my room was newly-painted a cool shade of lilac, which is ok, and some repositioning of furniture was done, so I could sit on the bed and read by sunlight when I open the windows! The view is nothing much, it’s just the neighbor’s wall, but it’s perfect for reading, especially around the afternoon, when the light’s cooler. I loved waking up late and taking a long shower; I missed having my own room to walk naked in, not having to dress in a cramped bathroom; I missed the feel of my books, which I had to rearrange because for a couple of days they were strewn around the floor; I got to eat some real food and not some fast-food take-away, while playing video games until 4 in the morning. 13 days without the internet was challenging – I can’t randomly search the history of the book I’m reading – but it was surprisingly easy. I’m not saying I’m ok with giving it up, but I know I’ll live, because there are so many things to do!

Christmas, New Year's and my brother's home! )

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