Apr. 18th, 2013


Apr. 18th, 2013 15:39
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My brother surprised me last weekend by showing me the new trailer for Thief. I was ecstatic. Thief remains my most favorite game franchise ever, and after years of staring at that THI4F website, I'm so glad it's pulling through!

I first played Thief back in 2004, with Thief: Deadly Shadows. I loved it so much that I kept reinstalling and playing it again for some years afterwards (until I figured out I could download Thief Gold #medyo bad girl). TDP was made for Windows 98, the visuals were laughable, but I enjoyed it more than TDS, which, take note, I have downloaded mods for. The only game I did that with, except The Sims 2.

Garrett is the man ok. I had imprinted on Thief so badly that I never cared for the Assassin’s Creed games. I was an elitist bitch yeah, they're fundamentally different because killing is for amateurs. Anyway, Thief is my gold standard and it's so hard to compete with that.

So on to the good and bad points:

  • First person!
  • Square Enix makes pretty stuff
  • It's a Thief game after 9 years mein gott
  • Apparently it looks too much like Dishonored and I haven't played that
  • A detective mode? Like in Batman? A bit of a giveaway don’t ya think, part of Thief's charm is you have to search for the good loot, not let them shine bright like a diamond
  • Oh yeah TDP had the lootable stuff shining with bishounen sparkles
  • If so, maybe there's a toggle function to not use this
  • Stephen Russell's not voicing Garrett
  • IT'S ANOTHER REBOOT UGH how are they explaining Garrett’s zoom eye then?
  • I swear if there aren’t Pagans and Hammerites etc I will punch somebody else’s wall

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