Oct. 30th, 2011

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I guess there's no better way to start this than by saying: OH WOW, I THINK I'M A GRADUATE!

Not in the official sense of the word, because I probably won't have a diploma until January, but yeah. After four (and a half) years, I'm finally through with college.

Now the problem is, where do we go next?

I mean, it's something every graduate must have thought about, right? One of those cliched post-graduation angst which-I-am-finding-is-actually-true. Everything before was laid out nicely by our parents, with a few nudgings from us along the way, and then it stops. From here, we've to man up and, pardon my French, grow some balls.

I don't have a clear sense of the future. Sure, I've some vague ideas of leaving something useful to the world, writing a book, etc etc, but the process, the journey, everything is unclear, heavy on the un. But then again, that's what makes it exciting, eh?

(I think my papa's more excited than me, actually. He's been bugging me to get an NBI clearance for god-knows-what purposes (yeah, for work, I guess). )

What bugs me are the expectations. Ma'am Batangan, in our 108 class, observed that in our generation, young grads are expected to succeed, in whatever they do after. According to her, back then, in their time, they were expected to fail, because they practically know nothing, and then were expected to learn from these failures. That's the thing, sometimes I feel like there's no room for failure in this universe.

Which is not true, btw, ask Einstein.

I should be happy that I'm a graduate, but my happiness is tempered with uncertainty. I am plagued with doubt, but there is no room for doubt in this brave new world.
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Second post of the day. Been free for a week now and I'm immensely BORED!

I read somewhere that the things you do most of the time should be the work you do the rest of your life. Or something like that. In an ideal world, then, I'd be a professional coffee-drinking komiks editor. Or a professional fangirl. Yeah.

I picked up Trese: Last Seen After Midnight and Elmer last week! Yay!

Trese is awesome, as usual. The stories Budjette dish out are both familiar and unfamiliar - like the little-known side, the dark side behind the usual, that angle we never look at because we're afraid of what we might see. Fight of the Year, the last story, is just amazing - it's set outside Manila and it opens up a lot of possibilities, like what if Trese's not the only one of her kind. Can I say I love it? KaJo's art is impressive, and I think he upped the ante from last. My only nitpick is the letters seem too small. And I wish there was some kind of underlying story again, like the last two volumes.

I love Trese with all my heart, but Elmer just takes my soul. It's- I don't know, it can be life-changing. I mean, I had difficulty finishing a chicken burger afterwards. Heck, I might not be eating chicken in the near future. Gerry Alanguilan's tale of sentient chickens touches on race, discrimination, the heart of darkness in every man, innate goodness, and even redemption. The art is second to none too.


I wonder, is that a Trese: Absolute Edition there? Plus Andong Arre! (Actually, there's an El Indio and Darna Omnibus at the top shelf too!) What I'd give for a shelf like that!

This last week I have also managed to check these off my graphic novel to-read list: Marvels, 300, Road to Perdition, Joker (Azzarello) and American Vampire (STEPHEN KING FF). Currently watching: Doctor Who S2 (Slowly, slowly), Downton Abbey S2 and Walking Dead S2.

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