Feb. 21st, 2011

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This is gonna be one hueg lameass reminiscing about my love affair with Filipino komiks and how much I miss them.

Perhaps it was because I've been reading too many DC superhero comics, that I suddenly remembered when I read Pinoy komiks. Not the graphic novel Trese type, but the P10.00 colored Funny Komiks Ka Selo sells along with the newspapers. It was a tradition - my bros and I would always, always buy them after mass. We even had a rotating strategy on who'll read it first; this Sunday - me, the next - Ram, then - Dave. That was way before I read HP, way way before I started to appreciate Spiderman, and way way way before I got started on manga.

Hikaru... Kunin mo ang aking warrior sword, pfft.

Dear Lord, now that I remember, Ax: Defenders of the Universe may have been my very first fandom, and not HP. Shitshitshit napaka-weaboo ng komiks na yun kasi Hikaru yung pangalan ng bida, aaaaah. I treasured my Christmas special of this, man! Kaze/Belle was my OTP! Bumabalik ang lahat ng memories at napipilitan akong mag-code switch!

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