Jul. 25th, 2010

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The things I've finished and this week in bullets si'l vous plait.
  • Monday was AME Buddy Bidding. I didn't sign up for the buddies, so I don't have one ;w; Oh well, there's still next year.
  • Tuesday nothing really happened, except for a weird 118 exercise where we needed to use 'traces and archives' to find out which Psych areas the library lacks books on. But we aren't LibSci majors, right? D: No Italian class too, aww.
  • Wednesday was the AME GA. Spent a lot of time discussing alumni status. Had to go early because of a goddamned Physics probset.
  • Thursday, we played Italian-style BINGO at Italian class, and whoever gets a "Tombola" gets +10 points on the exam! Well, guess who won~ *wink*wink* SOMETIMES I UNDERESTIMATE MY LUCK
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  • Friday, we didn't have 7 am Physics class, so I got to sleep until 10 am. Hahaha.
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  • Saturday, a while ago, was the AME Acquaintance Party. The food was really good, akfhefhefd. It's embarrassing to remember our fail (and cold) pancit canton. *shudder* And seeing the boys do Abracadabra just made my day. I had to go early though, so I couldn't finish it.
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Happy birthday, [info]juwelzz!!



My bro was talking about somebody named Taemin from KPop and I seriously thought it was Thiamine. So I persist in calling him B1.


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This is for [livejournal.com profile] meicdon13, assuming that she doesn't know it yet, huge Batman fan that she is. >D

XDDD I want a dog that screams 'Bara!' or something.

EDIT: Some dude superimposed it on the 19-somethings cartoon opening! WTF laughtrip. It's somewhere there scrolling underneath.

Aaaah, I post too much on weekends. No life, no life yeah.

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